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British Rocker Morrissey Calls President Obama ‘Useless’

British rock legend Morrissey spoke out against President Barack Obama in an interview with MSN’s Juice Online. The former front man of The Smiths criticized the apparent neglect of the situation in Syria by the U.N. and world leaders. Specifically, Morrissey attacked President Obama, accusing him of being “useless” and “a set of teeth.”

Morrissey has been known to make his political opinions very public, regardless of their popularity. He went on to compare Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad and the “British so-called royals” and announced that “all world leaders are dictatorships.” Before announcing intentions to retire from the music industry in 2014, Morrissey offered his bleak view on the future of world politics:

“It’s only my personal view, but I think the age of the President or the Prime Minister is dead. People everywhere have lost faith in politics, and rightly so. Something different needs to happen. I think we were all initially swept along with the Obama win, but he’s proven to be simply a set of teeth, and useless in every other regard. Time and time again we see the same scenario whereby political figures only see the public as electorate, and once anyone is elected they appear to hate the people. British politics, as the world knows, is a joke. Yet it’s rarely funny.”

In the week since the interview, the Obama campaign has yet to speak on Morrissey’s comments.

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