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Radio Host Accuses President Obama Of Making Teens Gay

Newest on the list of President Obama’s list of alleged crimes against America is the conversion of some 30 teenagers in West Virginia to homosexuality. Radio host Caiden Cowger, at the wise age of 14, took time out of his show to accuse President Obama of “making kids gay.”

Both Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were listed by Cowger as responsible for a wave of homosexuals who had come out in his county. “I see younger people that is turning out to be homosexuals…it’s equal boy and girl both,” he said in a clip that was uploaded to YouTube.

“We’ve got about 30 …teenagers in this county that I’m at that, are homosexual and it is sickening,” Cowger said. “Homosexuality is a belief. It is not mandatory in that person.”

So how exactly is the president responsible? By encouraging them, of course. According to Cowger, homosexuality is “a perverted belief and it’s immoral and it’s not natural. But rather than the president admitting all of that he said, ‘Homosexuals you can get married. It’s alright.’”

The comments sparked an almost instantaneous backlash, leading to Cowger closing his Youtube account, where the clip had been hosted. A 14-year-old radio host’s accusations are likely rather low on Obama’s radar, but since coming out in support of gay marriage, the President has been on the receiving end of increasingly critical comments on the issue.

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