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Kanye West Yells At Fans; Battles Beyonce And Jay-Z For Kim?

Kanye West is still on tour with Jay-Z and if you believe the reports he’s having a hard time keeping things under control from Beyonce to Kim Kardashian to unruly fans. First up, Kanye had to put a fan in his place for pointing a laser at the stage. Just as the rapper was set to perform “Flashing Lights” he’s heard mumbling into the microphone, “don’t f**k with the lasers.” Obviously someone didn’t listen so Kanye had to escalate his request by abruptly stopping the performance to state,

“You see this guy right here with the green laser? Don’t f**k with everybody’s show. This is not a fucking game… You’re going to get f**ked up and kicked out, I don’t want that sh*t. So chill the f**k out.”

After putting that fan in check ‘Ye asked the remaining crowd, “Are y’all having a good time this evening? I said, are y’all having a good time this evening?” Watch the video below: Lesson, don’t mess with Kanye’s performance!

Another less believable report surrounds Kim Kardashian allegedly being banned from joining Beyonce and her crew backstage of the Watch the Throne concert that was held in Paris. Here’s how the UK Sun puts it,

“Kanye West skipped his own aftershow party in Paris on Saturday to head straight back to his hotel to catch up with girlfriend Kim Kardashian.”

Mediatakeout added that the rapper skipped the party retaliation to Beyonce and Jay banning Kim from coming around and this is straining the trios relationship.

Kim K may be not the most liked personality around and Kanye can be a tad emotional sometimes but it seems highly unlikely that the Carters would go through soo much trouble….for Kim.

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