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Rihanna Glows In New Vita Coco Ad Campaign Photos

Rihanna looks absolutely gorgeous in her newly released photos for the latest Vita Coco campaign shot with photographer Terry Richardson. Perhaps that’s why and many other reasons her bestie Katy Perry wants to have sex with her!

During a fun and quirky interview with Wild 94.9’s Nessa Nitty, Katy revealed her sex confessions. She prefers “good boys,” before adding, “but, I get bored!” The California Gurls singer also insisted she’s a “a good Christian girl,” but not before giving an update on her much-asked about collaboration with Rihanna, “No, but we’re gonna have sex.”

Both Katy and Rihanna, more the latter, have been known to push the boundaries, at least we know this is done in jest. Check out more photos from the Vita Coco shoot below:

Rihanna looks gorgeous – though she insists she hasn’t worked out since January!!

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