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Tyler Perry Says Bobbi Kristina Didn’t Walk Off Set

After the allegations coursed through the press that Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, was so emotionally distraught that she had affected the taping of Tyler Perry’s new show For Better or Worse, Perry adamantly defended Kristina on his website.

“Yes she was grieving, but grief aside, she managed to finish her obligation,” he wrote.

The media tycoon was outraged by the false allegations, saying that the aspiring actress did great work. Having lost his mother in 2009, Perry shares an emotional connection to the child star. He admits that part of his reason for casting Brown was to aid her through her grieving process.

“She did a specific amount [on the show] and no she did not walk off,” says a source very close to Bobby Kristina. “She wanted to do more but was not emotionally capable at the time.”
A second source tells PEOPLE magazine that Bobbi Kristina is not depressed and is taking the loss of her mother one day at a time. The striving artist has even agreed to move forward with a reality television show. The show will feature Whitney Houston’s sister-in-law Pat, brother Gary, mom Cissy and Pat’s daughter Rayah. Bobbi Kristina plans to pursue a career in performing, following in the footsteps of celebrity parents Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.
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