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Halle Berry Plans To Leverage Crazy Paparazzi In Move To Paris

Halle Berry – If Halle Berry was looking for more evidence in her case to move to Paris with fiance Olivier Martinez and daughter Nahla – she’s found it. Earlier this month Halle exploded on a pap who was spotted outside her daughter’s school, she described her behavior, “I hate that I lost my cool, but you know, I’m human. That happens and when it comes to my daughter, I’m ferocious.” So ‘ferocious’ that the 45-year old intends to call on President Barack Obama for help.

“You know, I think I’m going call Obama and say, ‘Look, can you help us? I know this seems like a little issue right now, but it’s a big issue in our lives and our lives at the school and our children being protected.’”

So how does this help her case with Paris? For the last several months Halle and her ex-boyfriend, Nahla’s father, Gabriel Aubry have been entangled in a bitter custody battle. Gabriel contends that Halle became engaged with Olivier and plans to move to Paris all to keep him away from his daughter. While it’s not clear if there’s malice in her intent, Halle stands a chance of winning with this latest snafu with the paps.

According to TMZ, Halle’s lawyer plans to call “independent photog Andrew Deetz to the stand — he’s the photog who trespassed on Nahla’s school property. We’re told Halle’s lawyer, Stephen Kolodny, will use Deetz as a human exhibit — getting him to expose his no-holds-barred tactics of shooting the children of celebs.”

To keep things fair, an expert witness from France will testify to the differences in French culture as it relate to celebrities.

The trial is scheduled for June.

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