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Kim Kardashian Defends Right To Hate Indian Food

Kim Kardashian Sunglasses Update – Kim Kardashian is creating quite a raucous over her missing sunglasses from her luggage after traveling from Cannes back to LA. According to Kim’s twitter feed British Airways swiped some irreplaceable items,

“Very disappointed in British Airways for opening my luggage & taking some special items of mine! Some things are sentimental & not replaceable.”

“Shame on you,” Kim added. “What happened to the days when you could lock your bags! We need to get back to that. There’s no sense of security & no trust!”

Reportedly one of the sentimental items missing is a pair of vintage sunglasses given to the starlet by her late father Robert Kardashian. The airline who has a reputation for having sticky fingers is investigating the matter.

In another does of Kim K news, the 31-year old is apologizing while at the same defending herself against critics who slammed her vocal disdain for Indian food. On this week’s episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ the reality tv starlet said she finds Indian food ‘disgusting’. Twitter users quickly chided the star for being ‘rude’,

“Kim Kardashian & Kendall Jenner called Indian food ‘so disgusting.’ SERIOUSLY? You don’t have to like it, don’t be rude. #gianteyeroll.”

Comments like the above forced Kim K to post this response on her blog,

“There are a lot of foods I don’t like… I hate cilantro and peppers, and there are definitely some Armenian foods that I personally find disgusting, but that doesn’t reflect my opinions on other Armenian people or my culture,” she added. “My comment wasn’t intended to offend anybody. We all have our own opinions and tastes and I was simply expressing mine.”

Of course if Kim Kardashian wasn’t such a polarizing figure – this really wouldn’t be a big deal…

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