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'Duets' Judge Robin Thicke And Wife Paula Patton Pay Off Tax Lien

NBC ‘Duets’ judge Robin Thicke and his ‘Mission Impossible’ actress wife Paula Patton have settled their tax lien. Earlier this year the couple was hit with a $492,583.49 tax lien for unpaid income taxes two years in a row. A rep for the couple insisted they were well on their way to satisfying the debt, “They’ve already paid more than half of this and they’re working with the IRS to pay the rest.” According to TMZ, the lien has been lifted.

In other news Paula’s R&B crooner husband is hoping his latest gig “Duets” will broadened his appeal outside of black radio,

“All my music lives on black radio. So, TV is a huge opportunity to be seen by everyone in Middle America and all those other places where I don’t really tour.”

Are you watching “Duets”?

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