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New Photos Of Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio And Christoph Waltz In 'Django Unchained'

More new photos have surfaced featuring the leads Christoph Waltz, Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. Even though the film doesn’t come out until Christmas, a lot of buzz has been circulating since the early footage screening at the Cannes Film Festival. Attendees were blown away at Tarantino’s trademark filmmaking and storytelling. Now there are rumors that a teaser trailer will be showing in the previews for Prometheus.

“When this movie’s done, there’s gonna be some hot button issues but, given my background, I think I’ll be able to get some points across. The one thing that stuck out to me in the script was that Django was married. Back then, to be married was taboo. This is a love story. He’s not trying to stop slavery. He’s not trying to do anything but find the love of his life – which is like trying to find a needle in a world of haystacks,” Foxx said.

This film will undoubtedly stir up some controversy considering the brutal violence towards slaves in America during that time and from the looks of these stills, we get a decent look at what’s to come in the film.

Until a trailer comes out showing more details, these stills will have to suffice.


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