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Beyonce Expresses Anxiety Over Atlantic City Shows

Beyonce Atlantic City – Beyonce is serious about being transparent with another privy glimpse inside her 8 week preparation for her first post-baby performance at Revel for Memorial Day in Atlantic City, a video aptly named “The Making of Revel.”

Just 4 months after birthing Blue Ivy Carter, the new mom is gearing up for her first show in over a year, which means getting routines perfect, ensuring stage props are synchronized with routines, and that her voice is warmed up since the “Party” singer hasn’t sung in over a year.

Remember all of those sightings with Bey going to and from midtown Manhattan buildings with Blue in tow most days? The new mom was getting back into business mode.

“It is exciting. I feel a little nervous. I’m enjoying being a mother it’s like going back to my old job. It’s a little strange. But it’s important that you don’t lose yourself and you still have your own passions. I’m back to work. I’m back to business,” the 30-year-old said.

The gorgeous blonde can be seen with bigger-than-life curls as she and husband rapper-mogul Jay Z consult about the show’s final touches along with choreographer Frank Gaston and others.

Why did Bey feel it was important to get back to work —some would say—so soon?

“What I’m trying to say with this show is, ‘Yes I had a baby and it just made me even more grounded and even more like you’.”

And how is her post-baby body handling all the forthcoming Sasha Fierce movements for stage?

“We’ll be basically warming her up trying to get her back into shape. Starting small, little baby steps. We’ll probably be reviewing some choreography at the end, stretching her out, just getting her back into motion. She hasn’t been working out in I don’t know how long,” her second choreographer Danielle Polanco said.

We can’t wait to see the footage after the weekend! Check out the behind the scenes video below – no need for anxiety Bey!

UPDATE: The first concert is officially over and Beyonce was a hit! According to some concertgoers she sung Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”, featured a video montage of Blue Ivy and her husband Jay-Z and former Destiny’s Child bandmate Kelly Rowland was in attendance.

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