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Halle Berry Prefers Makeup Free Look

Halle Berry is often noted for her beautiful skin – next to her stellar career as an actress. The 45-year old actress continues to defy her age with flawless skin and an envious figure. In a recent interview with Bella Sugar, Halle admits makeup free is the way to go!

“I’m big on taking care of my skin so that I can go without make-up. I just grab and go, and what it looks like, it looks like,” said Halle. “If you take care of yourself, I think you age gracefully and it all stays together pretty OK.”

On top of her low maintenance routine Halle shared what it means to be beautiful,

“It’s feeling comfortable and confident in expressing yourself – not really caring what people think. It’s doing whatever I want to do: if I want to wear this hair, if I want to wear that hair,” she explained.

“I think it means being comfortable with who I am: my authentic self. I find that kind of confidence beautiful in people.”

Here, here Halle!

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