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Trina Ditches Her Fans At St. Louis ‘Concert’

A club in St. Louis was packed with party goers who had paid their money to see Trina perform, but as the night proceeded they came to realize the female rapper was nowhere to be found. Trina was scheduled to perform at the club in Missouri, called Imperial Palace, on May 19th but the promoters of the event claim that Trina was a no-show.

According to TMZ, Trina’s booking agent had received several letters proving that she had already been paid $7,000 in advance to perform at the club that night. Promoters are furious with the costs they had accumulated after the rapper failed to show up. Trina’s team on the other hand claims that the promoters are painting a scene that never really happened.

Long before the scheduled event, Trina’s team informed the club that she would not be able to perform that night due to other obligations. They claimed that they even made an attempt to return the $7,000 advance that had already been paid to Trina. The loophole in the matter is that the club says Trina never canceled the event in writing, so the promotions continued.

After Trina’s alleged no-show, the promoter is taking legal action, trying to sue Trina for at least $16,000. Although the event continued without Trina being there, the club claims they lost money due to refunds, paying Trina’s advance, promotional costs and other various fees.

According to Trina’s rep, the promoters did this on purpose. The rep believes that the club continued to promote the night as a Trina “concert” even though they were well aware that the rapper would not be able to show up. The conflict is brewing into an imminent legal battle as Trina’s rep has revealed they will be taking legal action of their own against the promoters.

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