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Is Beyonce The Token Black Celebrity?

So, the list is out—“What Is Sexy?” per Victoria’s Secret and no, I didn’t make the cut and not many others who can identify with me did. Charlize Theron got top honors as the Sexiest Actress, “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence won Sexiest Eyes, singer-performer Beyonce Knowles won as Sexiest Mom, and actress Olivia Wilde as Sexiest Summer Glow.

Few questions for the judging panel: What are the criteria for being the sexiest? Seriously, for the most part either through extreme workouts or multiple plastic surgeries (assuming sexy implies physical, after all this is Victoria’s Secret), who in Hollywood isn’t sexy? Secondly, why did Beyonce beat out Charlize Theron for best mother? Speaking of Beyonce, who I love, why must she be the sacrificial lamb, the chosen token Black person on the list among the intended non-Black list to make non-Blacks  comfortable with the decision so Blacks can’t utter there are no Blacks on the list?

And I don’t think Beyonce shouldn’t be on the list—she’s wonderful! I think the judging panel know about as much as I do of her parenting skills, so why not Jada Pinkett Smith, Nia Long (who by the way has a beautiful summer glow), Chili, Brandy, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu? For the love of lists—diversify—Google black celebrity moms like I just did and switch it up or…let’s just call the list what it really is.

By Deidre White

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  1. Kelvin says:

    Beyonce was chosen because shes the most popular mom and newest mom. Not only that but wasnt it a contradiction to say “why chose one black person?” at the same time youre saying the one those chose isnt good enough? You should be happy there was a black woman PERIOD instead of questioning their intentions for choosing her

  2. oh ok says:

    Well damn! People are mad when she wins Grammys. Mad when she’s named Most Beautiful Woman in the World. Mad when she wins a journalist award. Mad when she carries her baby everywhere she goes. Mad when she’s photographed by paps. Mad when she’s asked to play a role in a movie. Mad when she sang for the president. Mad when she didn’t have babies. Mad when she did have one. Mad she doesn’t get high and brag about it (she’s not real). Mad she doesn’t discuss her personal life. Mad when she finally opens up just a wee bit. Mad she wears wigs (cause you know.. she’s the only women on earth who does). Mad when she wears her real hair. Mad when she walks out her house. And now this??? What exactly can she do that won’t make someone mad? Or not to become the poster child for societies ills???

  3. Oh ok fan says:

    oh ok I don’t know you but I love and respect you. You have said everything I woild never imagine.
    Beyonce has been slandered, brought so low and it is so sad we fail to realize she is not just represting herself or her family values but the entire black community and America.
    Please people let this girl Bey- do not kill my source of happiness

  4. Mei says:


    Agree with ALL comments thus far. It’s plain jealousy and she’s always endured it out the gate. Never once has she played herself or anyone else by saying a bad word or given an action publicly to make you cringe. She’s all that and then some and people can’t take it that someone can be as beautiful, classy and HUMBLE and she without being a bitch. The irony is she’s ACTUALLY RIDICULOUSLY TALENTED and strip all that away and she can still tear down the top studio artists of today while holding Blue Ivy on her hip. We need to give more praises to our beautiful black women that’s doing it well and right instead of always criticizing and trying to tear them down. Blacks are the laughing stock of all other races SMH.

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