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Is Beyonce The Token Black Celebrity?

So, the list is out—“What Is Sexy?” per Victoria’s Secret and no, I didn’t make the cut and not many others who can identify with me did. Charlize Theron got top honors as the Sexiest Actress, “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence won Sexiest Eyes, singer-performer Beyonce Knowles won as Sexiest Mom, and actress Olivia Wilde as Sexiest Summer Glow.

Few questions for the judging panel: What are the criteria for being the sexiest? Seriously, for the most part either through extreme workouts or multiple plastic surgeries (assuming sexy implies physical, after all this is Victoria’s Secret), who in Hollywood isn’t sexy? Secondly, why did Beyonce beat out Charlize Theron for best mother? Speaking of Beyonce, who I love, why must she be the sacrificial lamb, the chosen token Black person on the list among the intended non-Black list to make non-Blacks  comfortable with the decision so Blacks can’t utter there are no Blacks on the list?

And I don’t think Beyonce shouldn’t be on the list—she’s wonderful! I think the judging panel know about as much as I do of her parenting skills, so why not Jada Pinkett Smith, Nia Long (who by the way has a beautiful summer glow), Chili, Brandy, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu? For the love of lists—diversify—Google black celebrity moms like I just did and switch it up or…let’s just call the list what it really is.

By Deidre White

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