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'Glee' Finale Was A Great Tear Jerker!

The much anticipated third season finale of FOX’s Glee was a real tear jerker.  Titled “Goodbye” the Season 3 finale delivered an emotional, funny  episode with standout performances from Cory Monteith and Lea Michele.

Each senior New Directions member was given their fair share of the spotlight throughout the episode. The real drama centered around the NYADA and Actors Studio decision letters and how each character reacted to them. Kurt’s (Chris Colfer) rejection letter was heart breaking after he put on such an extraordinary performance in his audition.

Finn (Monteith) also received a rejection letter, setting up the highlight moment of the finale. The beloved Mckinley High senior had big plans for himself and  girlfriend Rachel (Lea Michele). He would hone his craft at the New York-based Actors Studio while she studies at the New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts. Sadly, Rachel got accepted and he didn’t.

This led to the couples very emotional breakup where Finn drove Rachel  to what she thought was her wedding, but instead was  where he would set her free, telling her: “Go to New York and you’re going to be a star without me, because that’s how much I love you.” — Ugly crying ensues.

So did the Glee Season 3 finale “Goodbye” make you cry? Do you think Finn and Rachel will get back together in Season 4?


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