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Bethenny Frankel Plans To Talk Jason Hoppy And Divorce On New Show

UPDATE-Bethenny Frankel’s marriage to husband Jason Hoppy seems to be nearing an end just as her estranged mother predicted 6 months ago – and cheating may be to blame.

“They are going to get a divorce … it’s imminent,” claims an unnamed source in Star magazine who insists each have met with their own divorce lawyers.

Besides the bickering back and forth as played out on their reality show “Bethenny Ever After”, sources are further insinuating the “Skinny Girl” brand founder is creeping on Jason—a little sordid detail in-part that Frankel’s mother unequivocally told tabloids earlier this year.

“This was dead in the water even before it began. His problem is he’s too nice, and she’ll grab another nice one. He is replaceable. Nice is boring, and Bethenny gets bored with nice,” Bernadette said, adding Bethenny “doesn’t have any respect for marriage” and a history of cheating.

But creeping with whom? Skinnygirl business partner Matt Hesse!

“They walked through the restaurant with his chest pressed up against her back, and she leaned back and he whispered in her ear,” according to the eyewitness. “Then, they went up the stairs to a private dining area together, literally with their arms wrapped around each other.”

Reportedly, Hoppy is fully aware of his wife’s exploits, but is laying low until he gains enough evidence against her to reap monetary gain in their supposedly looming divorce.

“Jason has said that when he is ready to officially file for divorce, he is ready to call Bethenny out on her infidelity and name Matt in the papers,” said the insider

Bethenny and Jason married in March 2010 and have a 2-year-old daughter named Bryn.

UPDATE: In the midst of the never ending divorce rumors the successful entrepreneur is using the opportunity to promote her new talk show.

When a Twitter user asked about the rumors Bethenny responded, “We’re going to talk about EVERYTHING on my show! June 11 on [Fox Broadcasting].”

“Everything”? Jason, the divorce, the cheating rumors with Matt Hesse, her estranged mother??? Another user tweeted back in hopes Bethenny would change her mind, “Love you but [expletive] this tweet. Don’t do that… Pimp out a possible divorce for ratings on your new talk show.”

Should Bethenny keep her private life off of her talk show?



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