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Parenting Fail: Father Puts Child In Washing Machine And Turns It On

I mean, I really don’t know what to say about this video—a laundromat surveillance tape I came across yesterday while putzing around on Yahoo Shine! In it, a toddler jumps and points happily at a spinning washing machine when, all out of the blue and for no apparent reason, the child’s father picks up the baby, tosses the child in an empty washing machine and closes the door. Which locks. And starts running. With the baby in it.

The pranks seems like it’s all kicks and giggles to the mom and dad until the two realize the baby is being tossed about the machine as it fills with water—which, of course, leads to lots of panicking, lots of tugging at the machine door, lots of screaming and yelling and an audience as the parents try to free the baby. After what seems like an eternity—it might as well have been considering a baby was being violently tossed about inside a metal tub full of water—a laundromat worker rushes over and disconnects the machine. The parents are seen rushing away with the baby, but there’s no indication as to whether the baby was hurt or came through the harrowing ordeal reasonably unscathed. Or whether the parents will face any consequences for shoving their kid in a washing machine.

—Denene Millner

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