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'House' Killed With Death Themed Series Finale

TV series House signed off last night after airing the final episode, which was interestingly titled “Everybody Dies.”

The title, a spin on House’s veritable catch-phrase, “Everybody lies,” caused a lot of speculation that House might die during series finale. Everybody who watched the House finale last night discovered there was a death, and a funeral, but it wasn’t what anybody expected.

The first hour delivered a sort of  retrospective of the series to date. House spent much of the episode under the influenced of a drug that caused him to hallucinate about the people who have held meaning throughout his life.  Kutner (Kal Penn) and Amber (Anne Dudek) who’ve died along the way were able to return for the finale via House’s hallucinations. Since he did not want to return to jail, House contemplated allowing himself to die in a burning warehouse where he found himself in alongside a recent drug attic patient.

House decided to live, but his pals Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard)  and Foreman (Omar Epps) tracked him just as the building exploded. Dental records pulled from the ashes matched House’s, so a funeral was held. After Wilson received a surprising text from House while delivering his eulogy, the two met. House explained what happened and asked the cancer stricken Wilson how he would like to spend the last five months of his life. The House finale ended with the two pals riding off unto the unknown.

Some critics felt the ending was too cheesy, others thought it was appropriate. After a great run of eight seasons and 176 episodes, do you think using a death theme was an appropriate way for the House finale to bring the series to an end?


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