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‘You Really Gonna Do That?’: Omar Epps Shares Story of When ‘Juice’ Co-star Tupac Pulled the Worst Prank On Him While He Was Sleeping

Actor Omar Epps recently appeared as a guest on “The Daily Show” hosted by Marlon Wayans, where they shared a hilarious story about Epps and the late rapper Tupac Shakur.

The interview began with Epps and Wayans discussing good times as students at LaGuardia High School together in New York City.

Wayans recalled Epps and Shakur starring in the 1992 film “Juice,” and reflected on the three actors hanging out one night.

He noted that Shakur had a healthy sense of humor and took a picture with Epps after he fell asleep with his eyes open.

Omar Epps appears on “The Daily Show” with Marlon Wayans. (Photo: The Daily Show/YouTube)

“Me, him and Tupac Shakur was hangin’ out ‘cuz y’all did ‘Juice’ together,” he said at the 3:38 mark of the interview. “And Omar’s sleeping like this,” said Wayans as he mimicked him sleeping with his arm above his head and his mouth hanging open.

Epps laughed, “Are we really gonna bring this up?”

“And what people don’t know about Pac is Pac is like a, he was a funny dude. So, Omar’s sleeping like that,” Wayans continued. “And Pac went and took his balls and put ’em out and put ’em right near Omar’s mouth so it looked like Omar was like this,” he said, as he recreated Epps sleeping with his mouth open.

The two continued laughing and remembering the story, but Epps admitted to being upset with Shakur at the time. “I was mad at Pac for that, though,” said Epps. “I was super mad. Like yo, son, you really gonna do that?”

Wayans then teased Epps and joked that he had anger issues.

“I don’t have anger issues,” said Epps, laughing. “If somebody takes they nuts out next to your mouth while you sleep like that, that can, that woulda went viral right now. This is when we used to take Polaroids.”

Wayans joked, “Yeah, but see, you should have just woke up like that, bop, and just hit ’em one time. Then we’d just do like this, like a speed bag,” he joked while he imitated punching a speed bag used in boxing workouts.

Epps also discussed his new fantasy novel written with author Clarence A. Haynes, “Nubia: The Awakening.” He described the book as a coming-of-age story about three teenage children of refugees growing up in New York City in the year 2098.

“Nubia: The Awakening” is currently available in bookstores and libraries.

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