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Beyonce Talks Smack Playing Pool – Video

Beyonce is probably in-part so successful because she’s a sore loser! LOL! Mother of four month-old Blue Ivy Carter can be seen in a cute, goofy black-and-white “A Guide to Playing Pool” video talking smack that surfaced over the weekend.

The 48 second clip is broken down into four brief segments including “psych out your component” and “victory dance” where a head-wrapped Bey sports large hoops, a bare midriff, and a piece of gum that adds to her bravado.

At one point, the quirky side of the “Countdown” singer we rarely get to see is front-and-center as she talks smack to the unknown “opponent”: “He’s not too good at nothing so I can play him.” LOL!

Not sure if the clip was recorded pre or post Blue, but Bey looks happy and we love seeing this side of her!

Peep the video below.

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