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Arsenio Hall Wins Celebrity Apprentice

TV Personality Arsenio Hall and singer Clay Aiken were the last two contestants standing at the Celebrity Apprentice  finale, broadcasted live at American Museum of Natural History. Donald Trump crowned the former late-night talk show host the new Celebrity Apprentice after he raised funds for the Magic Johnson Foundation.

Hall and Aiken were given a final task to produce and sell tickets to a staged variety show, which proceeds will benefit a charity of choice. While the comedian and actor  managed to raise $167,100 thanks to donations from from Jay Leno, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy and Jimmy Kimmel; Clay Aiken nearly doubled that netting $301,500 courtesy of Kelly Clarkson, Lisa Lampanelli and his dedicated fans. However, Trump was ultimately more impressed by Hall’s spotless track record as a project manager

Before Trump made his final decision, the former American Idol contestant pleaded his case to the live studio audience saying, “My mother’s here tonight and she’s already sat through me losing once. I feel like the last task was a comprehensive exam that we excelled at.”

Hall countered, “I want to be No. 1. We’ve heard about Idol many times, but when I was battling Johnny Carson [in the TV ratings] I was No. 2, when I entered a magic contest as a kid I was No. 2. I need to be No. 1!”

Trump then responded, “I’ve never been so torn,” declaring  Arsenio the winner.

Do you think he made the right choice?

Watch Arsenio Hall response to being declared the winner on Celebrity Apprentice.


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