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Man with 30 Kids from 11 Moms Wants Child Support Relief

You have to say this much for Desmond Hatchett: He has a way with the ladies.

The 33-year-old Knoxville, Tenn., resident has reportedly set a Knox County record for his ability to reproduce. He has 30 children with 11 women. And nine of those children were born in the last three years, after Hatchett — who is something of a local celebrity — vowed “I’m done!” in a 2009 TV interview, saying he wouldn’t father more children.

But Hatchett is back in the news this week because he’s struggling to make ends meet on his minimum-wage job. His inability to make child-support payments on such a meager salary also means he’s back in court again and again, most recently to ask for a break on those payments.

“Yes, we’ve got several cases with Mr. Hatchett,” Melissa Gibson, an assistant supervisor with the Knox County child support clerk’s office, said with a sigh.

Hatchett’s attorney, Keith Pope, did not return phone calls seeking comment.

Under the law, there’s nothing officials can do to force Hatchett to keep his pants on.

“If there’s something out there like that, I’m unaware of it,” Gibson told The Times, before adding, “It definitely needs to be.”

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151 thoughts on “Man with 30 Kids from 11 Moms Wants Child Support Relief

  1. No wonder that minorities are surpassing whites in the birthrate. This guy needs to be 'snipped'. As far as the "gub'nent" stepping in to help him, we're ALREADY paying his 'stable' for the kids now.

  2. Joe L. Covington says:

    Anyone that doesn't find this behavior disgusting must be an idiot. You know that the mothers are raking in the cash with a smile on their face. This is what is wrong with America, morals and respect has been vacated!

  3. Elizabeth Chubbuck says:

    As disgusting as his behavior is also the women, who I BET knew something about this guy's track record. If they did not, then unprotected sex with a one night stand says a lot about THEM!

  4. Elizabeth Chubbuck says:

    Raking in what cash?? He cannot afford to pay for 30 kids.. oh, you mean the whopping few hundred you might get on welfare??? I was on welfare, you do not rake in cash! BUT, I finished college, and have been paying taxes for 22 years regularly, hopefully paying back that which I was lucky to get help with.

  5. Duh!
    No he shouldn't get relief from child support, he should get a vasectomy!
    He made them he needs to support them!

  6. Joe L. Covington says:

    I'm sure the mothers have more than one child, in some cases I'm sure they have as many as three or more children by this man! I'm also sure that more than one of them are getting every type of government handout that is available. Welfare, food stamps, WIC, medicaid, etc., and more important is the fact that you, Elizabeth, worked your way out of welfare and are now contributing to the economy, kudos to you. I bet none of them are even planning or thinking even about getting off the Government tit! This should act as a signal to all hard working taxpayers that if not stopped this behavior is going to totally disable the system and it will then be unable to assist people who need assistance because of no fault of there own. As far as this guy goes, he needs to work harder or starve!

  7. Elizabeth Chubbuck says:

    I just would not assume ALL of them are planning a life of welfare. But given yes you say 11 moms 30 kids, yes, they may very well have 3 each.. and its unfortunate that there are those like this.. but they certainly are not what makes a country go broke.. the few that are like this at the govt teet is NOTHING compared to say the company charging the The Army for a $17k drip pan for a helicopter, that another U.S. company said they can do for $2500 for JUST the same quality. Such abuse and waste from these private companies using the govt teet, by overcharging, (and convenient the senator in that state got them that contract) far outspend these types of welfare queens abuse. But NEITHER is good!

  8. Jean Mosher says:

    He needs to go back to school or get a second job. If he has that much time to screw numerous women he has the time to get a second job or an edcation. There should be a cap on how many kids these losers can produce and than think the working class should pay for. DON"T HAVE MORE THAN YOU CAN AFFORD.

  9. Joe Dillon says:

    the sky is blue and the water flow at is time.the bird fly, the fish swim as they animal walk for union and peice.we shul doo the same as it go.

  10. a vasecomy should be law.

  11. Michael Bassett says:

    reap what you sow, u didn't use a condom so your own fault, start paying ya own child support ya bum, talk about a burden on society.

  12. Saw a cute bumper sticker "The guberment is NOT your babies Daddy". He needs to work 3 jobs so he would be to exhausted to take his pants off!

  13. Lisa Kraus says:

    Who said any of these women knew about the other women/children? Maybe they all thought he was the "one" while he was prowling around on the side… don't be so quick to judge these women when you don't know the whole story. As far as we know right now, this loser was the only one in control of their destinies. Shame on all of you for judging and putting a blanket statement on these ladies. Whatever happened to unbiased and mature opinions?

  14. joe covington, child support isn't just for women on government assistance. I raised all my children on a job and I got hardly any child support from my ex husband because I made more than he did. as a matter of fact he was on government assistance and I had the kids.

  15. there is no way these 30 kids are getting any real money from this man unless he related to Trump, Jay Z, Gates, and on and on and on.

  16. ???? If you're aiming for a zen- like statement then please check what you've written before sending. Otherwise not to bad an effort in what you're trying to put across.

  17. Joe L. Covington says:

    Shirley, I take it that you read my post, but maybe you didn't understand what I actually said, because I know that I didn't tied receiving child support to being on Government Assistance. What I did mean is that this guys is a low-life because he fathered these kids and is now asking to government to waive or pay his child support while he enjoys life. I will repeat this, he needs to get more work and pay up or just starve, I have no mercy for these types of irresponsible persons, whether they are male or female. Now, I hope you understand that there are dead-beat mothers as well and I am certainly not saying you were one of them! If you want more insite as to who I am and what I believe, read my blog at

  18. Joe L. Covington says:

    May I point out Lisa, it was these women that were having unprotected sex with an unmarried partner. I really don't understand the part about unbiased and mature opinions, Do you honestly think that he and these women of his were making mature decisions? I know enough about what I see and read to make my judgement of all of these involved because I have no shame in my actions or thoughts about this type of behavior! It was ALL wrong! It doesn't matter if these women knew about the others involved, what matters is their decision making ability, or lack of it!
    Based on the fact that this is not an isolated problem in America, unwed mothers and irresponsible fathers indicates there is clearly a moral breakdown in our society! The fact that a large portion of our society can't take responsibility for their actions and think that someone else should pay for their mistakes or irresponsibility is where the issues begin and that has to be reversed!

  19. responding to your post about what the mothers are getting because if any were working they are not getting anything, I didn't, wasn't eligible. you said the mothers are getting medicaid, which is for ssi or social security, wic, if they are eligible. what makes you think none of these women are working.

  20. What's the matter with these women that would want to have a relationship with someone like this. He should be made to support his children or do some time in jail where he can't produce anymore.

  21. Karen Koelbel says:

    "As far as we know right now, this loser was the only one in control of their destinies."

    So what you're saying is… he forced them to have unprotected sex? That's the only logic I can follow when you basically say he's the only one in control of their destinies. They could have had control – by insisting he wear a condom, by taking the various forms of birth control made available to them, or by simply not having sex with him. A woman in control of her own body… an amazing concept, huh?

    It takes two to make a baby. They are just as responsible for those births as he is.

  22. Any dick can have a baby, it takes a man to be a father.

  23. Lol, he should open a website with a paypal donation link, the money will pour in and he can keep pouring lol.

  24. Anonymous says:

    With all the court time he is ringing up, the court system should just pay his child support (and for a vasectomy).

  25. Dominique Angelica says:

    also, it says hes a town celebrity for having so many kids.. so yes, these women must have knowen! And in 2010 the population of this town was 178,874 .. so not that many people either.. there is no way these women didnt know haha

  26. ahh not forgiving him for being a dog…but its not like the women don't know who this ass is….i mean 30 fucking kids IN ONE AREA isn't something that never comes up in general conversation with friends or family…maybe the women need to keep their legs closed or put up with no child support….lots of men that want sex and WILL wear protection to get it….find them ladies…damn….

  27. Ileana Alvarez Bryan says:

    Instead of relief, he should be asking for an STD test! Surprised that thing hasn't fallen off yet. And wait, what about the women? Do any of them know about the other children? If so, shame on them if they still keep going.

  28. Jacqueline Gibson says:

    I hate sad stories and what make it worst when people start name calling. No compassion for the children or mothers. Let's donate money to help the children.

  29. Would someone please sterilize this piece of crap and all of the women stupid enough to open their legs to him?

  30. Tiffiny Suide says:

    I am also a mother working her way out! thankyou for saying what you did about these PEOPLE on Government handouts! Mr. Covington If just half of these PEOPLE could get a job making the same amount of money for the same job(I work in a warehouse by the way), maybe some of these PEOPLE could get off welfare. there are a lot of things wrong with america, not just the poor! thats really a symptom of a greater problem!

  31. Tiffiny Suide says:

    Joe L. Covington Karen Koelbel- if you two and the people who think like you could stop for a minute- who taught this generation alll we know! who bought the computers we use to gain frivolous knowledge! All children learn what they live, so it was not just on this generation in society. you all taught us how to lose our morals by being selfish and chasing after an truly Un-American dream. The greed, the banks, the people on walstreet, those that run this country are not anywhere btween thew ages of 2 to 35. they are you! wake up! you all started us on this path to prosperity and the dream. now you all are trying to pass the buck.

  32. Tiffiny Suide says:

    as I was pointing out before, you are right! most of the people complaining about Government handouts don't even truly know about or understand these programs! it was okay to do it in 1929 for them and THEIR kind of People, but its not okay for anyone today! Selfishness is what is truly wrong. If we as people were put on this planet to be kings and queens unto ourselves and not be here for our fellow man it would only be Joe L Covington.

  33. Tiffiny Suide says:

    Thankyou for just stating the truth without blaming a whole race of people or a whole class( which is raceless)!

  34. Bill Hallowes says:

    exactly. If he wants tostay out of jail he needs to work as many jobs as are necessary to pay the support payments. If he doesn't pay send him to jail, one day in jail for each dollar he is in arrears. It could add up pretty quickly.

  35. Elizabeth Chubbuck you are a smart woman and thank you for speaking for those of us who don't make welfare a career but only temp situation.

  36. All the state/govern't programs that are available are meant to be used not abused. Most of the women that are on these type of programs are Scam Artist that need to go to jail themselves…Third and fourth generation state sponsored greedy pigs…..who's only contribution to society is a bunch of babies from different men that the tax payer has to pay for….on top of the dumb as social worker,officers, and judges who cant see through this type of scam. The mothers of them 30 kids need to be on trial for fraud because there is no way for that man to take care of 30 kids……smh… BUMS ask for handouts in my city just as a women on C.S. and if they were working like some imply…it wasn't enough go find another job or go to jail, thats what they tell the man

  37. Nancy Butterbee says:

    U must be kidding me…………….

  38. Anonymous says:

    is that what they did with your mom?

  39. Joe Kelsall says:

    A ballectomy would be more appropriate!

  40. Obviously not, pavement ape.

  41. Mauro Pagano says:

    "You know that the mothers are raking in the cash with a smile on their face" lol not by a long shot, even if he could afford to pay $100.00/mth … Wow this dude need to WRAP IT UP!!! And the ladies involved need to protect themselves it's 2012 tons of resources avail.

  42. Anecito Ibay says:

    The most important thing to think about in this issue is.. Have a child as much as you want if you can afford/support/feed them/send them to school-college & etc… Yes, the man is irresponsible, same with those women as well who're relying or depending on the mans child support? Shame for those people who took these scenario happened ( have children ) then blamed on other people not of their own fault… you created it – take the responsibility All of them (the man & those women)… Find a job & work….

  43. Roger Dionne says:

    Seriously? They may have thought that he was "the one" so they had three kids with him? While he was working a minimum wage job. One man and 11 women make a dozen thoughtless idiots who created 30 babies that the taxpayer is feeding and clothing for the next eighteen years. Whats their destiny looking like now?

  44. Karen Koelbel says:

    Hey Tiffany Suide – I am between 2 to 35. I am from your generation. Just because I'm intelligent enough to say "hey here's a crazy thought, why don't you protect yourself?" doesn't mean I'm older than you. It just means I'm smarter than you are.

  45. Demauri Nycole Mumphrey says:

    I just don't understand. why would he do this.
    the women are just as dumb for even doing him.
    i bet he had a std at one point in time.

  46. Justo Rico says:

    We want relieve from him.

  47. David Lopez de Quintana says:

    Let's take up a collection to buy him a vasectomy.

  48. Debra Gordon says:

    people don't get that one can still get pregnant using b/s but 30 kids.. 11 women pretty sure something funny was going on.

  49. Ed Would says:

    I worked briefly with a black man who demonstrated a similar apparent avoidance of responsibility for the progeny he sires. While driving in a company vehicle, we pulled alongside a black woman with her window rolled down. He struck up a conversation with her while we waited at a traffic lite. His charm was apparent from the smile on her face as he asked, "you got any kids?" She nodded in the negative. He replied with "you want some?"

    The impression I was left with was that he had no ethical concern for the ramifications of reproducing without restraint. It was almost as though his priority was entirely the gratification of his own sexual self-esteem. His attitudes about the system, racial divides, and so on suggested he fostered substantial racial prejudices that were either caused from genuine injury or just used as an excuse to legitimize his irresponsibility towards the white-dominated system. Regardless of the reason, my instincts suggest their are a disproportionate number of men with similar attitudes towards fatherly responsibilities among black males though the attitude by no means is specific to that race alone.

    If the black community wants to elevate it's reputation across the globe, it would do well to identify those among them that have so little respect for others, identify the causes, and work to cure them. I suspect one of the causes might very well be that black men who serially reproduce without responsibility or who act out criminally are part of a group who have had very little exposure to fatherly role models. If so, the problem perpetuates itself and the solution is to develop a community wide ethic that promotes fatherly duties while chastising those that abandon same. Only the black community can do this. Any other racial group, especially whites, would likely be rejected as racists for insinuating that black men are more prone to abandon their offspring, even if the evidence strongly suggests that they are.

  50. Ed Would says:

    My guess is that it is a combination of factors.

    1. The white dominated economy is hostile towards those that lack a higher education as evidenced by their proactive drive to reduce the wages of this sector to the lowest level possible. Thirty million illegal aliens being allowed to remain in the country and steal jobs from the working poor who do the least desirable jobs at the lowest pay is prima facie evidence of this caustic disregard for those on the lowest rung of the economic food chain. It is driven by narcissistic personality-disordered elitists who think nothing of paying people a non-living wage to do the work that they feel themselves to be above doing. It is also driven by greed and loathing for the poor who are constant reminders of how inhumane the 'haves' can be towards the 'have nots'. It is a grossly destructive psychological disease because intentionally forcing wages down to the lowest level possible destroys the motivation for many in the 'underclass' to work their way out of poverty. When you don't make enough to keep a roof over your head, maintain transportation, and eat, then it becomes increasingly attractive to just kick back, blame the system, and then proceed to defraud it any way you can.

    Some argue that supply and demand determines the wage rates of the lowest paid and I, having a degree in finance, believed that for the longest time. The fact is that when government policy towards immigration is bought and paid for by political contributions and bribes and that policy is designed to grossly oversupply the unskilled labor market with illegal aliens, thus driving wages down, wages are no longer controlled by the free market. They are fixed by the governments actions and for the privilege of those that have the most. That is the system that many of these welfare abusers despise and to a large extent, justifiably so. The poor can't change much and if the rich always rig the results in favor of themselves, the poor become hopeless. It is possible for some to divine a way out of poverty but it's more likely that most won't. In any group, the strongest have a chance but the weakest have virtually none. Thus, a motivated person with an ethical upbringing and a healthy physical state might be able to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps while their grandmother, faced with a similar situation, probably couldn't. When the system always favors the strongest, it kills the weakest through economic genocide. That is the exact opposite of what a welfare system is purportedly created to accomplish.

    Lack of education is often cited as the reason that many languish in jobs that pay less than a living wage but that is largely a fallacy created by those in control to disguise their prejudicial treatment of the poor. Education is not a necessity for shoveling dirt, cleaning toilets, or flipping hamburgers. If a country was comprised of a population consisting entirely of neurosurgeons all possessing identical credentials and aptitudes, some of them would still have to clean toilets, dg ditches, and do other undesirable jobs unrelated to their skills. Would it then be fair to pay them less than those who found employment in medicine? Wouldn't the demand for toilet cleaners cause the wages for that job to go up, it should. But if those who are lucky enough to obtain positions of influence decide that the toilet cleaners are somehow undeserving of a living wage and sabotage the free market supply and demand through legislation or other sabotage, the end result is that some will suffer for no reason at all while others with identical abilities will enjoy benefits far beyond their just deserts. Our government of the People, by the People, and for the People, was created to help thwart that injustice through the use of the People's Constitution. Sadly, those that have the most have figured out a way to sabotage that good-faith effort as well.

  51. This is a sad situation from any angle. Clearly this brother needs Jesus. Badly! BTW, I wonder if he or any of his babies' mamas have bothered to take an HIV test lately.

  52. Tiffiny Suide says:

    if you were that smart you would not be saying how much smarter you are. the wise man knows he truly knows nothing. you had an opinion that i did not agree with we all had opinions. get over yourself. I agree that these women had everything to do with it though also.

  53. Karen Koelbel says:

    *lol* If you agree that these women had everything to do with it also, then we don't really have a difference of opinion. But I'm still confused about your previous comment – not sure what computers have to do with it, or what you are referring to as "frivolous knowledge". But I digress – spent far too much time on a puff piece thread. 🙂

  54. Tiffiny Suide says:

    @vinal al lidane norfolk virginia huh, where the cost of living is so low that on gov't assistance you actually can take care of yourself. please i live in California, nobody on gov't assistance is living fat off anything. those that pretend(shop at citi trends and get knock off designer jeans, shoes, bags, jewelry etc) are not the whole damn race. yes it sucks that some ghetto ass women and men get labeled for a whole race of people. you sound like a reverse racism ass. MOST PEOPLE ON GOVERNEMNT ASSISTANCE IN THIS COUNTRY ARE WHITE. i bet that might surprise some of you. not that you will care your selfishness is what the real problem.

  55. Tiffiny Suide says:

    the computers etc. came in when people from older generations OR PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW decide to speak on the problem yet not on the solution. everything "WE" HAVE IN THIS life has come from our past. all our knowledge is built on what our motherS, fathers, grandparents taught us. if this entire generation is disrespectful, lazy, stupid etc.l its not just because we were "BORN" THAT WAY. we were taught! ALL children whether poor or rich learn what they live! those ghetto ass people learned from their parents just like racism, sexism, hate, and stupidity is taught!

  56. If this jerk was white trash instead of black trash, they would make a reality show from all this and make enough money to give those poor little 30 kids some dignity for their future. America seems to thrive on shows like the Kardashians, Jersey Shore, the Octomom story, Kate and what's his name? and 8! etc This man should be castrated or sent to China where they know what to do with him. All I can say is I hope he gets AIDS and the mothers also…and I thought Filipino men were bad!

  57. Man…….he lost his damn! Mine. He made his self a slave. 30 kids! I think he need counseling. And the babys mammas need a miracle. If they think they are going to get any type of money.

  58. Erica Scott says:

    the only help this nicca need is sum condoms!

  59. Eric Wilson says:

    Reproducing children to make up for those inner city youths killing one another with genocidal gun violence.

  60. Anonymous says:

    This dog is an embarrassment who needs to be locked up. However, in the black community they will praise him as some type of hero.

  61. David Lucero says:

    Nice. Read some of the comments.

  62. Anonymous says:

    get a damn job at a sperm bank dude.

  63. Chris Sadler says:

    And we wonder what's wrong with society.

  64. Rick Harmon says:

    What a dumb ass..that's what happens in small city's with one fire hydrant and 2 police cars..wounder how many of his bby mamas is white?

  65. Larry Tabor says:

    He needs to get fixed for sure.But so should the women having all these kids.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Tiffiny Suide It got a lot easier to do so a few years back, when the black folks who were sick and tired of the fools started to give up the policy about never speaking ill of the race in front of the white folk. Man, that was understandable, but it was so self-defeating. Neither one's own problems nor the other fellow's ignorance will ever be cured by silence.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Joe L. Covington I get that people make mistakes. I'm all for helping them through to a new day. But, when they REFUSE to listen to the lessons that life is giving them, preferring that the rest of us CONTINUE to support them in their darkness, then it's time to push them out of their cave. Continuing to feed such people more of the same crap just grows more mushrooms in their caves.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Joe L. Covington I used to work with a guy who had 9 children. He worked 90-100 hours a week, for years. No good reason why this clod shouldn't do the same, even if every minute of it's back-breaking labor. He made his bed.

  69. Anonymous says:

    Tiffiny Suide Some of what you write is true, but by no means all of it. California, for instance, is filled to bursting with those of who've profited handsomely from the welfare system. They're called civil servants. Your State, like a number of others, mostly in the NorthEast, has treated them like Kings. Your State, in particular, is groaning toward collapse from the present and future costs of paying each of them 40+ golden retirement years. Typically making twice, thrice, and more the AVERAGE working wage. Plus, a medical plan that put to shame the one that the supposedly "greedy" domestic auto workers USED TO HAVE. In other States, there are others who profit mightily from government assistance. In NYC, 20 years ago, the typical government rent check for two squalid rooms in Manhattan, rats free of up-charge, was more than $2,400 a month. Actually, though, it's possible to do very well on assistance. Blacks and whites don't do it, though, without cheating. The many Hispanics who live 12-20 to a house can thrive. Those who work, work. Those who don't throw a little of their check into the community pot. I watched that go on in Wisconsin. Quite a racket, if you can live that close without shooting one another. Problem is, most whites and blacks can't, not in America.

  70. Wat community would that be??? I am black and thats nothing to be proud of nor is it "HEROIC" in any way!

  71. Anonymous says:

    Phillip Castree Ah, Britain. Where the Golden Age of the Buddha will last ten minutes, before the Followers of the Prophet tear down their temples, along with St. Paul's and Westminster Abbey.

  72. Wilma Chornopysky says:

    yes he is a real dumb… what hell difference does it make black , white, purple , brown.. the women are loosers and so is he.. and the children regardless of colour are probably suffering because of these morons actions..

  73. Tony Graham says:

    WOOOOOOO! Sorry brother, but you will get no love from me. Your butt will be making payments for the rest of your days!

  74. John Newman says:

    Sadly, it seems as though fathering children without having the slightest intention of providing for them either financially or emotionally (as in actually being a father) has become a 'sign' of virility. The guy is a complete joke as a man, and I really don't have a lot of sympathy for the women either. Who I feel sorry for is the kids – I've spent enough time around extremely low-income/dysfunctional families to know that the chance of these children ever breaking out of a lifetime of grinding poverty is virtually nil.
    In Canada the government, in a lot of opinions, goes overboard in extracting child support, often imposing penalties that make it harder for the man to work and meet his obligations (suspension of driver's licence etc.). But the fact is such penalties drive home very early the reality of how expensive it is to be a father. Of course, a 'father' is about the last thing this loser is…he's a donor at best.

  75. Keziah Eaddy says:

    I agree with Martha down there, he needs to work 3 jobs. This dude is a serious loser obviously but his baby mamas match him for having kids with his bum, broke ass. All baby mamas after say 3 should be slapped. How do you have kids with a man who already has mad kids? Unless he was lying to all of them which I doubt, they knew he had lots of kids and still had more dumb assess. This bum pays each woman like $1.50 a month and his broke ass wants relief from child support? Child support should confiscate everything he owns, sell it and give the money to his kids since I see he has a big ass gold chain on his neck and probably some Jordans.

  76. Keziah Eaddy says:

    Joe L. Covington What you said was true at first and then it went into the typical "those people will ruin this country" bullsh**. Obviously cases like this are very uncommon so we are in no danger of them disabling the government. Thats that conspiracy, conservative, GOP thinking. Focusing on the welfare queens and kings that only a tiny fraction of the budget is spent on. If the government is disabled, it will be having expensive wars and not making rich people pay their fair share of taxes and tax cuts for the rich that will do it.

  77. Is this guy simple. Maybe somebody should take Him aside and explain 'how mummy's and daddy's make babies' He clearly doesn't understand!

  78. that gold link around yur neck could bring in a couple dollar$ pimp… Fellas leave the "P" alone if you going to act a B when the baby comes. lame

  79. Sibs Wesley says:

    As Jeremy Kyle form the UK he should have put something on the end of it….

  80. Kim Major says:

    he has got to be kidding put on a condom tell your ladies to get fixed and shut up.

  81. Sounds like my ex making all the babies and then crying in court "financial hardship"

  82. Speedy Bear says:

    he dies and the children get monthly checks from ss. they then will live happily ever after…..

  83. Ray Saxe says:


  84. Keziah Eaddy says:

    Joe L. Covington The problem is really not "unwed mothers" since they are the ones that stick around and raise these kids. Its the "irresponsible men" that are not standing up and being men. Yes I do put more blame on the men because they are supposed to be the leaders according to our sexist society and yet they don't act like it and want to place all blame on their help mates. What kind of leader is that? Yeah the women could have done this or that but truthfully they place a passive part in this. It is the men or place the proactive roles in all of this and yet want to point the finger at everybody but themselves. " Its her fault because she wouldn't keep her legs closed" Yet they leave out that it was the men using every trick in the book to pry those legs open so who is really at fault?

  85. Crystal Frieswyk Myers says:

    It is called being a product of their environment. Nothing too difficult here to explain. And it certainly does take two to have a baby. Are you kidding me you think that the women don't have enough sense to say NO and keep their legs shut? What country did you come from. I bet there is some guy reading your post looking for you, cause you can't keep your own legs closed and should be an easy lay! Wow I have heard it all now. God help us all!

  86. Anita Keller says:

    I think the government should make it mandatory for men to get a vasectomy after so many children. The man's income and education should be taken into consideration to decide the limit.

  87. Greg Akers says:

    Well there are 11 women to blame and by the count more than one of them made the mistake a couple of times

  88. Tiffiny Suide says:

    so so true.

  89. Joe Kelsall says:

    Actually, the USA was the first country to practise eugenics and Hitler followed the USA's example in its slaughter of the innocents. Not just jews – people of al faiths. Are you suggesting that we return to the practice of eugenics in the West?

  90. Joe Kelsall says:

    Town Celebrity? Well,this is Tennessee.

  91. Anita Keller says:

    I am just suggesting that there be some population control by way of medical procedure not death.

  92. Anita Keller says:

    I feel the same way about women too, after so many kids if you cant aford them they should be forced to have their tubes tied and burnt.

  93. Joe Kelsall says:

    You mean compulsory sterilisation? That should be no problem to a nation that infected black soldiers with sexually transmitted diseases.

  94. To Bad. Get another 2 jobs and support your kids.

  95. Joe Kelsall says:

    The Sperm Bank? Bad genes are inherited!

  96. Jasmine Jones says:

    The only relief that he got was inside the women and that should be the only relief he gets! Man up Cowboy! If your man enough to have sex with 11 different women and father children with these women than you should be man enough to support each and everyone of them!

  97. Dolores Solorzano says:

    I hope that he doesn't try what other fathers and mothers do they kill their children just to get out of supporting them and some of them fathers kill the mothers of them also so they can go off with some hoochie momma because they don't want to face up with their respondsibility and why make them if they can't support them and what the welfare needs to do is put the mothers to work so they can help with the respondsibility also because it takes two to make children because both the mothers and fathers are at fault.

  98. Bills Catz says:

    Spoken like a bitter old man, Joe. I've been hearing that squawk since I was a teenager — blame everything on the MORAL DECLINE of the current generation or the country or the world, and then parrot that empty idea until nobody listens anymore. A nice safe finger-pointing that needs no facts and has no cure. Make a bunch of assumption and run from there… So, solly, Joe, you makee no sense. LOL

  99. Bills Catz says:

    Anita, it takes two to tango, but tubal ligation plays no part in this, eh? Gawd forbid the woman with five kids by three different fathers should take any accountability, right?

  100. Bills Catz says:

    Brother don't need JEE-SUS, he need a lifetime supply of Trojan. LOL

  101. Bills Catz says:

    And tubal ligation? Gal with six kids by four different men is just fine and dandy?

  102. Bills Catz says:

    Well said, old geezers like Joe — mostly happily retired and well-off — are the first to whip out "MORAL DECLINE" to take any guilt off of their shoulders. Must be plenty of it, too, cuz he's arguing long and strong here.

  103. Betty Ann says:

    Tiffiny Suide Hey read what you wrote, you clearly are blaming others in your comment. It's all someone else's fault. You are right on one thing tho, i am voting for Romney, at least he knows how to fix this country. He's a good man. Not saying Obama is not but, do not think we need four more years and more debt. Here is your comment i was referring to

    Joe L. Covington Karen Koelbel- if you two and the people who think like you could stop for a minute- who taught this generation alll we know! who bought the computers we use to gain frivolous knowledge! All children learn what they live, so it was not just on this generation in society. you all taught us how to lose our morals by being selfish and chasing after an truly Un-American dream. The greed, the banks, the people on walstreet, those that run this country are not anywhere btween thew ages of 2 to 35. they are you! wake up! you all started us on this path to prosperity and the dream. now you all are trying to pass the buck.

  104. Joe Kelsall says:

    The 'gold link' is probably phoney; like him!

  105. Betty Ann says:

    Tiffiny Suide When you said you all are trying to pass the buck, what are you saying? Like we are suppose to support you? I know people need help sometimes and i do believe in helping. Someday i may need it too, who knows? But really are you suggesting that others are required to support you? What are you saying?

  106. Tiffiny Suide says:

    what is my "FAULT" is hoping,wishing,praying that people will remember that at some point we all need help like you pointed out.
    did you know that the average american who makes $50,000 a year ONLY PAYS 10 CENTS A DAY OR 36.50 A YEAR TO SUPPORT THE NATIONAL FOOD-STAMP PROGRAM. EVERYONE in that same tax bracket pays out more in a day for basic necessities like toilet paper. this is not even middle class by Romney's standard- in an independent study-unlike the ones that Ryan cited in the vp debate which were blogs not studies btw-in an actual study Romney's economic plans to close those loopholes and deductions and even the 20% flat rate will not be enough to do what he promised they will do. WE need to gain maturity(lots of grown people, hardly any adults it seems). WE need to focus less on self and more on others. We are losing our country because WE don't want to love others as much as ourselves. We Got a lot of work to do Ms. Betty Ann, WE!

  107. Bills Catz says:

    Why does he have to be a "piece of crap" anyhow? Takes two to tango, Oxford.

  108. Read the entire sentence, moron!

  109. I just heard about a lady in another state that refused to go after any of her 9 kids daddies for child support because it would interfear with her welfare. Her 144,000 dollars a year welfare. I think if any woman is dumb enough to keep having kids by every guy in the neighborhood, she should get the big snip, right along with every one of the baby daddies.

  110. Alvin Fox says:

    Vasectomy NO, Castration YES.

  111. Alvin Fox says:

    Hilary Mack Hewitt – Castrate the S.O.B., so he has to sit down to pee, ( or piss all over his feet ) etc.

  112. Alvin Fox says:

    Castration is better than Vasectomy for s.o.b., he won't be able to play w./ himself,etc.

  113. Alvin Fox says:

    Sterilize the bitches, like they do in Africa,oh never mind, that does'nt work either,etc.

  114. Alvin Fox says:

    real punishment for these bitches, kick them off WELFARE,etc.

  115. Alvin Fox says:

    Whose fault is this kind of bullshit, the g.d. polititians who don't have the balls to stand up to them; they might have a sit-in or a march,etc.

  116. Alvin Fox says:

    Greg Akers – free food,free rent,free medical, whose to blame?? the g.d.polititians who are too afraid,too damn lazy,etc.

  117. Alvin Fox says:

    Most of this breed don't use a condom because they like to lick it clean when they're done,etc.

  118. Anita Keller says:

    As I said before I feel the same way for both women and men, If you are not responsible enough or for any reason are unable to pay for the consequence of your actions (in this case the children are the consequence of the actions) then you should not be able to perform that action. I say go F*** whoever you want as long as you can take care of the children you create. At a certain point the government needs to step in, it is only the children that are suffering.

  119. Goes to show how ignorant and irresponsable the black community is in the south. Make the punk work on a prison farm for child support since he has no remorse or responsibility for society and women. The paremts should be held responsable also since they could care less about their children and making a better society for the black population as a whole.

  120. Sherri WonderfullyMade ByGod Watson says:

    SMDH…. So let's "castate HIM" and not do anything to the several WOMEN that laid down with HIM… RAW… Allowed his sperm.. UNPROTECTED… Knowing that now days prophylactics are available AND/OR CHEAP! (for all those special people that ACTUALLY know how to SAY this word, AND knows what it means! LMAO!… Which BTW are available and the FREEST of clinics. Hello? Planned Parenthood while it’s still around!)… Yeah, he should definitely get ALL the punishment. People are just CHOOSING to be utterly STUPID! I'm with Sam Jackson: "WAKE THE F#@% UP!"

  121. Sherri WonderfullyMade ByGod Watson says:

    *castrate… I was frustrated when I was typing, ok? Geesh, ease up? At least I spelled prophylactics right! LOL

  122. Elizabeth Chubbuck thank you for clarifying the amount you get, and unless your disabled, they make you jump through plenty of hoops for those few hundred bucks and work for it

  123. he could start by pawning that big ass gold chain,,, lol.

  124. he couldn't just stop at 29 huh?! smh!

  125. Tom Griffin says:

    Elizabeth Chubbuck , No where did it say he had money. And he wasn't living with anyone with a brain. Just who would let a waste of life make a child with him. I bet that between the check & the food stamps they ALL live better than most people . I read where the poverty line was 22.000 for a family of 4. I could live GREAT on that. Just saying with that 1.500 in food stamps. Do the math. Young people will do ANYTHING to NOT have to work. Smart people have 2 kids NOT 30 as this SCHMUCK HAS !!! Thank you for letting me vent & by the way , Ny hat is off to you Elizabeth 🙂

  126. Any person that collects federal or state funds for their children for more than 90 days, both parents should be on mandated birth control. You don't have to take it, you don't have to take tax payer money either. You can't afford your children, time to open up orfanages again until such time you have a job and stable home and your child was not adopted out already. Otherwise keep your legs closed and learn some responsibility for not just your life, the lives of your children that will continue the cycle of poverty their parents have created. It's just greed and lazyness now days.

  127. What's a hole life?

  128. Sky Angel says:

    You mean him, and 11 women cannot support these kids? Get a big ol house and set up camp people live as one big hap hap happy family and raise these kids! You made your bedssss, now lay in it.

  129. He need to have his weenie cut off and thrown away. He's had enough sex and has enough children to last a life time.

  130. Seriously? This guys behavior is disgusting but giving the government the right to peoples reproduction is freaking scaring. The government already controls enough of what we do. Now I might be in for a lobotomy, cause he is obviously sick in the head….

  131. Kathy N Ron says:

    Very surprised hes not in prison.

  132. Tammy Holmes says:

    All than energy he used to make the babies should be used to Work more than 1 job and get a vasectomy! Problem solved!

  133. Larry Kosinski says:

    A bulletwould solve this guys pants problem. I am sick and friggin' tired of paying for scum like this.

  134. He needs his dick cut off. That will take care of the problem from now on.

  135. Keith Morris says:

    I'll give him relief. I'd cut off his damn pecker!

  136. Anonymous says:

    Joe L. Covington, venting I see. How long have you been holding that? I know this kind of thinking is directed towards a certain group of people. News flash, there are more whites on welfare than blacks. Let that saturate!!!! Ignorant is bliss!!!!

  137. Anonymous says:

    I think women should keep their legs close. I am woman; women are just as bad as men these days. With aids spreading rapidly, you would think that woman would be more care with their bodies if men don't. My mother use to say it, for the man to ask and the woman to say no!!!!

  138. Anonymous says:

    She use to say, its for the man to ask and the woman to say no!!!! Say no!

  139. Anonymous says:

    Of course not, they knew and they did not care; pass some of the blame to them. Sincerely, when are we going to take responsibility for ourselves. We live in a society, where most are self-serving. People want what they want and don't think about consequences, if they don't like the outcome, they can kill it or give it away. Again, women protect yourself from unwanted babies and unwanted diseases. We could never depend on the man to be true to the game. The difference between this young man and others is, they didn't get caught. Do the research, before posting blame!!!!

  140. Anonymous says:

    He is no worst than most men. He just deal with women who does not protect themselves. Men want, if you don't care. Remember, it takes two to reproduce. If women say no, it would be him and his fingers. If so, babies want be in the conversation. Lol!!!!

  141. Anonymous says:

    The key words, one area. They knew, we have to stop defending women, when they are wrong. They way we talk and investigate; he might manipulate a few, but eleven in the sam area. You can sell it, but I am not buying it!

  142. Anonymous says:

    And he should, they are his. But, the women need to stop it, really! The innocent role does not work for me.

  143. Anonymous says:

    The children will lose, if not supported properly. He needs to man up and go to work. Women take care of your babies. We don't look at mistakes and think are life is over; we work harder to overcome situations and circumstances. The losers are the ones that don't try!!!!

  144. and then hell claim if he don't get it its racist dawg? I'm so tired of these entitled [email protected]@ people? whatever happened to work save pay invest? now men marrying men half the country on welfare no god in the schools takin away our guns can ya believe it? I mean what's next? a negro in the white house? oh yea that's rite that shit happened to no wonder this country is so fukd god bless america while its still here because when we go bankrupt from all the people that want to sit on there fat lazy asses and get welfare they will be the first to go hungry? then come try knocking on my door for a handout? hahahahahaah

  145. Ken Watkins says:

    His "baby Momma's" are just as stupid as he is. They HAD to know about other kids and women!

  146. Matthew Sleepy Davis says:

    I agree. I just hope that my daughter would not be this stupid.

  147. Ken Watkins says:

    I tell my daughter about these roving baby makers all the time!!

  148. David J. Dennis says:

    He should have put on his scuba sam suit

  149. Karla Woods says:

    I read about this story 3 years ago. He does pay but it is like 2.00 a week for some.!!! I don't know why they are fussing about the payments if they are just going to have more kids with him!!! The whole town knows about him!! Stupid woman!

  150. Exactly, hey have Lorena Bobbitt do it

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