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Jennifer Lopez Backs Away From Rumors She's Leaving American Idol

UPDATE-Jennifer Lopez  is NOT leaving American Idol – or at least she’s not sure yet. Earlier this week rumors surfaced that JLo may be exiting stage left of the show that has exalted her slumping career.

Supposedly the 42-year-old mother of twins Emme and Max is missing quality time with her babies and want to rectify said issue as school for the twins is on the horizon.

“I miss doing other things,” Lopez told talk show host Ellen Degeneres. “It really does lock you down, which was nice the first year with the babies being three and four. Now they are going to school. I just don’t know.”

The news of leaving the show comes just as the “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” star was ranked as Forbes top celebrity with much deserved allegiance to the singing reality show, which gave the single mother the platform to upgrade her overlooked image and lackluster career.

E! Online reports that friends of the megastar is chiming in with the same chatter: “She’s just too busy.”

However, is not buying the not-so-coincidental bomb rushed talk of the “Dance Again” singer leaving the show.

“J.Lo started having her “friends” spread all this talk about being “too busy” right around the very moment Britney signed on to “X.” Coincidence? ‘Course not. Timing’s brilliant because Fox and Fremantle know that if Brit got what she got they’ve got to step up to the plate, too. This is a negotiating tactic, period.”

What do you make of J.Lo leaving the show talk? True or bluff?

UPDATE: Jennifer attempted to clear up the rumors on Twitter but it’s looking more and more like a strategy for more money.

“There is no truth to reports that say I am definitely leaving Idol,” she wrote. “All I said was I haven’t decided what I am doing next year.”

“When I know for sure what I’m doing I will let the #LOVE!RS know!”



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