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Rihanna's Mother Moves In To Curve Wild Lifestyle

Rihanna  is gearing up for her first acting role in “Battleship” out this weekend. The bigger story however surrounds the mounting concerns around her health and mental well-being. Last week the “Birthday Cake” singer tweeted a photo of an IV in her left arm at a New York City hospital, hours later she was on a plane back to Los Angeles to hit the red carpet for her film. In addition to her exhausting work load Rihanna’s personal life appears to be in shambles. Her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown released a remix to “Theraful” that left many believing he dissed his ex-girlfriend – she unfollowed him on Twitter within hours of its release. In the midst of it all, the “Rude Boy” singer is partying her little heart away. The “wild party marathons have taken over her life” which is leading her “on the path to destruction,” said a source.

“Rihanna thinks she can go wild at parties, then wake up fine the next day. But clearly she can’t. Hopefully the shock of ending up in hospital will be a wake-up call.”

If we are to believe the rumors of said source then Rihanna’s mother Monica Braithwaite is on a mission to save her daughter from an inevitable downward spiral.

“Monica (Fenty) is moving in to keep an eye on her. Rihanna’s dad, Ronald, was a crack addict. Monica’s refusing to let her go down that path,” said another source to the

“Crack”??? It’s no surprise that the pop star enjoys having a good time and enjoys being young but the truth remains that she shows up! Gig after gig Rihanna arrives to get her job done – we can’t imagine what more you can ask for.

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