Kanye West Set To Appear On ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’

After all the negative backlash that came with Kim Kardashian’s swift divorce from Kris Humphries, sources have confirmed that Kim will once again be bringing her love life to reality television as her new boo, Kanye West, will be featured on the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

It was only weeks ago that Kim Kardashian was seen on the Today Show promising to herself—and millions of viewers—that she would never bring her personal relationships to national television again. Didn’t take long for her to back out of that one—though the promise may have lasted longer than her marriage to Humphries. Nobody expected the publicity loving family to keep the rap star away from the cameras—especially considering Kanye’s own love for the cameras.

Kourtney Kardashian had her baby shower on Saturday, and of course Kim showed up with Kanye on her arm while the cameras rolled. The 31-year-old reality star told E!Online that Kanye will be appearing on several episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians because, in her words, “I want to show my life.” While trying her best to explain her decision to the public, Kim even took a blow at her sister Khloe’s relationship with Lamar Odom. “I’m not going to be taking a bubble bath and drinking champagne or on a sex swing [on camera] like Khloe and Lamar do. It’s not going to be like that,” Kim pointed out.

According to Kim, although she isn’t hiding her love life, she certainly is being more cautious. “My heart’s a little more guarded. I showed so much of myself in the past,” Kim explained. She also went on to tell E! that she was a bit embarrassed about having such a huge wedding on television, but she still would have had it, “cameras or not.”

Rumors have been spreading that the relationship is yet another publicity stunt and there might be a few red flags to back up this theory. US Weekly has never released lyrics from a rap song before it was released, but all of a sudden they have the lyrics to Kanye’s alleged upcoming single about Kim Kardashian. “Now she back in the club in a tight dress with dreams of someday wearing a white dress,” the rap star says on the new track. In addition to his soon-to-be reality debut, Kanye has some news for his G.O.O.D Music label as well.

West has recently signed the 21-year-old Teyana Taylor to his label, stealing her away from Pharrell’s StarTrak label. Kanye, along with others in the music industry, believe the singer/rapper/choreographer/actress will be a great addition to the G.O.O.D Music family. However, Teyana Taylor’s denial of any plans of signing with the label just a few months ago has left the public scratching their heads. Either way, Teyana Taylor will be the label’s newest addition.

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