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Usher Puts On Show For SNL

This past weekend Usher took over Saturday Night Live’s stage, performing two hits from his latest album Looking 4 Myself.

As Will Ferrell introduced the R&B star for his first performance, the energy in the room immediately picked up. Bright red lights beamed down from every corner of the stage as Usher began performing his newest single entitled “Scream.” The 33-year-old singer proved that he still has what it takes to give a high energy performance. Even with limited space on the stage, Usher found a way to showcase his impressive dance moves.

Later in the show, Usher returned to the stage to perform “Climax,” which topped the Billboard R&B/Hip Hop chart when it was first released. This performance was different than the high energy of the first performance on the SNL stage. The slow song required fewer moves and more vocals, which seemed to be a challenge for the singer-songwriter. Perhaps the first performance left the entertainer out of breath, making it rather difficult for him to hit the high notes that make up the chorus of the R&B hit. Although he may have missed a few notes throughout the second performance, the audience still seemed impressed, judging by the volume of the applause when the performance came to an end.

Later this month Usher will have a chance to redeem himself as he is set to perform at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. The album, set to be released on June 12th, will feature a more electronic sound. After being featured on the May 7th issue of Billboard, Usher sat down with the magazine to let fans in on how the album was coming along. “Electronic music has given me a new story, a new opportunity to build something I think a mass audience will understand,” says Usher. His fans are sure to be in for a surprise as the album won’t be the traditional R&B CD that Usher usually produces. According to him, “It is an all-world experience that gives you a multitude of genres, a multitude of experiences.”

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