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Rihanna Appears Fresh Faced On Lunch Date With Mother

Rihanna may have had a rough week but on Mother’s Day in New York City she looked young, fresh faced and content. The 24-year old star was spotted wearing a pair of gorgeous high-waisted pleat pants and matching bandeau top showing off her tummy. RiRi completed the look with an easy, long white cardigan. Reportedly the ‘Rude Boy’ singer stopped at a tattoo shop before meeting her mother Monica Braithwaite for lunch on Mother’s day. Rihanna posted a photo of she and her mom at lunch and tweeted,

“Mama….thank you,” Rihanna tweeted. “#Mama….I’m proud of you. #Mama…..I’m here for you when EVA. #Mama….u my ride or die b**** for life!!! And yes I know a b**** slap is on the way for my language! But u get it!!!!! I love you.”

Earlier in the weekend the international pop star posted some behind the scenes photos from her “Where Have You Been” video. Rihanna topless has lost any meaningful shock value. The singer’s career in the past few years has flourished under her bad girl persona – but we can say this time around, it’s for art – we think. In her latest stint the #Navy leader is seen with crocodile scales painted on her chest – who needs a bra when you have croc scales?! To complete the look RiRi’s makeup artist added croc spines on her back.

In other stills the sexy pop star covers her breasts with her hands and some chunky jewelry.

Check out the behind the stills photos for yourself below and her mother’s day.

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