Alicia Keys Talks Breastfeeding, Sex On ‘The Conversation’

Alicia Keys sat down with Amanda de Cadenet just a few days before Mother’s Day to talk about body image, motherhood and even sex. The usually very private Keys opened up on an episode of the new Lifetime talk-show series, The Conversation. The mother of one son even revealed the things that nobody told her about breast feeding.

The one-on-one private atmosphere that The Conversation offers often makes guests feel a little more at home during their interviews. Perhaps this is what made the very private singer-songwriter open up about some rather personal topics. Keys revealed that although she loved breast feeding, there were certainly some things that nobody bothered to warn her about.

“I took this whole class too, which I thought was really good because I think a lot of people think you’re just supposed to have this natural instinct that’s supposed to happen out of thin air,” said Keys, but even after the class there was one secret behind breast feeding that she would have to discover the hard way. “The whole engorgement thing, no one mentioned that part. I remember I was in bed and I couldn’t move because it hurts and there is no way around it.”

Keys admitted that she felt a bit silly for complaining about breast feeding pains when she was able to make it through hours and hours of natural child birth.

Of course, Keys was more than happy to deal with the pains of breast feeding if it was in the best interest of her now 18-month-old son, Egypt. As the interview continued she discussed why she picked the unusual name for her first child.

“Well, Egypt was a really big important trip for me in my life,” Keys said as she referenced her vacation to Egypt alone. “…When I went it was such an uplifting, eye opening, historic, powerful, and re-generative experience that I hold a very fond place for Egypt.”

People were surprised to see Keys take a vacation by herself to another country, but Keys said it was a great experience to get to be alone for a while. Instead of worrying about if others were having a good time, she could read a good book and relax. According to Keys it was a “liberating” experience.

In addition to motherhood, she touched on the topic of body image. Contrary to what Hollywood might say about a woman’s body image, Keys felt that women are “gorgeous no matter what size” they are. She even went on to add that she found larger, thicker women to be even more beautiful. Either way, the R&B record producer felt that beauty didn’t have much to do with outward appearances. “…we’re beautiful because of how your mind works and you’re beautiful because you have this gorgeous heart and that comes from way more than fitting you in a size two dress.”

The Conversation didn’t end without pushing for some more personal details from Keys. One random question that came up during the interview was Keys’ favorite sex position. Amanda de Cadenet didn’t have her hopes up for actually getting an answer to the question, but surprisingly the R&B star didn’t mind sharing. “Any and all sex positions,” Keys shared. “I happen to be a traditional kind of girl. I’m also experimental; we can have fun.”

The interview concluded with Keys admitting that if she had any advice for her younger self, she would simply tell herself to “reel it in. Don’t go so fast.” Which may be helpful advice for any young woman in today’s world.

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