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Stevie Wonder Targeted in Extortion Scheme Over Alleged Incest

Music icon Stevie Wonder is the victim of a rather strange extortion plot that accuses him of having an incestuous relationship with his sister. Alpha Lorenzo Walker was arrested earlier this month after threatening to take the false information to the media if Wonder didn’t hand over $5 million.

America is a country full of ridiculous “get rich quick” schemes, but this one has got to be one of the most bizarre of them all. Alpha Lorenzo Walker claimed to be the child of Stevie Wonder and his own sister. After he demanded the large amount of money from Wonder, authorities were quickly notified. Before authorities could even get involved, however, Walker was denied the money. Instead of just abandoning the dim-witted plot, he lowered the amount to $10,000 or else he would expose this “secret” to the tabloids.

Police posed as the singer-songwriter’s representatives and claimed they had the money to give to Walker. After requesting that Walker sign several papers, including one that promised that the allegations were actually false, the police revealed their true identity and handcuffed the extortionist. Walker, along with his wife, has been charged with felony extortion, but the couple seems to be holding on to their claim of innocence. Sources have revealed to TMZ that the allegations of incest are absolutely false.

Wonder has other things on his mind for now, as he will have the honor of receiving the Billboard Icon Award this year at the Billboard Music Awards on May 20th. The ceremony will be held in Los Angeles and will recognize the “Isn’t She Lovely” singer for all his accomplishments in the music industry. In addition to this honor, Wonder also was a part of an exclusive “Performance at the White House” concert earlier this week.

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