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Song Requests for Jermaine Dupri Cost Six Figures

Like most DJs, Jermaine Dupri takes song requests—but it might cost you as much as $100,000 to listen to your favorite song. According to TMZ, a very wealthy club patron at TRYST in Las Vegas spent $90, 000 on a bottle of champagne and another $40,000 on other liquor. This pleased the owners of the club so much that they had Dupri give the big spender, only known as “Su-su”, a special shout-out.

He also let Su-su request a song, which is unheard of according to TMZ. The song was Pitbull’s “Give Me Everything” and this must have been one of Su-Su’s favorite songs because he gave Dupri a $3,800 tip. TMZ questioned Su-su about blowing all of that cash and he said he didn’t mind because Dupri was a “bomb” DJ.

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