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Paula Patton To Star In New Comedy ‘Baggage Claim’

Producers in Hollywood conventionally do a good job casting parts for movies, but sometimes they tend to choose a pretty face over what might make the most sense, acting-wise. Case in point, Paula Patton has been cast to star in a new comedy movie. Yes, the married actress is beautiful but many may wonder if she will be able to carry a comedy successfully.

The Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol star has signed on to play in the upcoming film Baggage Claim, from director David Talbert, a comedy that is adapted from a bestselling 2003 novel.

In the movie, Patton will star as Montana Moore, a 35 year old unmarried flight attendant who is on a mission. After her baby sister gets engaged, Montana realizes that she is the oldest of her siblings and the only one who hasn’t yet tied the knot. Subsequently, she gives herself a 30 day or 30,000 mile time slot to snag herself a fiance. Four different men are in the running:

“Damon Diesel (a P. Diddy wannabe); Reverend Curtis P. Merewether (pastor of Greater House of Deliverance, Tabernacle of Praise, Worship, and Miracles); pompous attorney-turned-councilman Langston Jefferson Battle III; or Quinton Jamison (a multimillionaire who’s twenty years her senior).”

Paula Patton typically doesn’t do comedies and some may say she is simply not funny.  Consequently, Baggage Claim may end up being a completely dreadful movie.  Moviegoers and WHOGOTTHEROLE.COM will just have to wait and see.

The film will start shooting in September.

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