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Janet Jackson’s Weight Loss: What To Wear For Your Workout Journey

Janet Jackson has been the latest celebrity to try a new diet plan, following in the footsteps of the successful singer/actress Jennifer Hudson, a la controlled meal plans and exercise backed by a fat sign-on check. While uncertain of the motivation behind their weight loss methods, there’s an understanding that the rise of obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease amongst black women is reason enough to find a workout that works for us.

An interesting article in suggests black women pride themselves on their fat, so long as the fat is distributed in the right places.

“How many middle-aged white women fear their husbands will find them less attractive if their weight drops to less than 200 pounds? I have yet to meet one.” Alice Randall wrote.

I understand what Randall is implying: black men like their women shapely.

I think it’s safe to say (most) men like their women shapely, but to suggest any number below 200 pounds as unacceptable speaks as the catalyst to why black women are experiencing some weight health-related issues. I kindly counter Mrs. Randall whose ‘husband loves her curves’.

Black women should change their way of thinking… for themselves first. What numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, etc.) are good for your health in its totality and how those numbers factor with the number on the scale? Then hips and butts can become a factor after health has been considered.

One great way to boost your desire to workout is to wear appealing clothes and not that beat up t-shirt. Peep the comfortable and cute workout options below:

Yoga Wear: Wearing clothes than make you look lean and that is breathable doesn’t mean you have to lose your eye-catching factor when working out.

Swimming: Ever thought about swimming or water aerobics to lose a couple of pounds for your workout? And you don’t need a swimsuit.

Cycling: Stationary bikes or riding a bike out in the elements on a trail can really get you toned. You can try loose pants if the super tight tights don’t work for you.

Running: Your body can heat up really fast when running. A well-supported top with more exposure in the back is ideal and shorts can be an option outside of long tights.

Tennis: Another great way to move while not realizing you’re working out and a fab excuse to wear a cute tennis dresses.

These are a few suggestions, but the color, clothing options are literally endless and the sizes are available for most women. Colorblock, switch up a routine, or be sexy, whatever it takes—just move. What are you wearing to start your workout journey?

By Deidre White


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