Atlanta Fifth-Graders Ride on Buses with Stripper Poles

Fifth graders at an Atlanta elementary school got some grown-up lessons on their way back from a field trip last week when a bus company mistakenly picked them up in party buses—complete with stripper poles, fog machine, sound system and even a VIP section.

The 130 students from Morningside Elementary in northeast Atlanta may not have known exactly what the shiny gold poles in the middle of bus were for, but their teachers and parents certainly did. And they want to know how in the hell a bus company could make such a huge error.

We don’t even need to get into the reasons for the mistake—something about the original company hired by the school needing a back-up to get the kids back to the school, but the back-up company not realizing they were picking up kids. (Leading me to wonder how that information was even necessary—why is your default bus, the one you send when you assume you’re picking up a random group of adults, a bus with stripper poles and fog machine? What if you’re going to get a group of church deacons, or even a group of real estate agents?) But all I could think about was Chris Rock’s famous line about the most important job of a dad was to make sure his daughter stayed off the stripper pole.

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