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Will Smith Likes President Obama's 'Higher Taxes On The Rich' Idea

Will Smith has pretty much endorsed President Barack Obama for his 2012 campaign. The actor, who is one of the highest paid stars in Hollywood, is supporting the President’s position for higher taxes on the country’s richest citizens.

Last week while out promoting Men In Black III, the star spoke on why he supports the President’s tax raise. “I’m very supportive of that idea,” Smith told the Associated Press in an interview. “America has been fantastic to me. I have no problem paying whatever I need to pay to keep my country growing.”

The President has proposed that everyone who earns at least $1 million a year pay at least a 30 percent income tax rate. Research analysts have reported that the change would affect around 210,000 taxpayers.

Will Smith was reportedly paid over $20 million for Men In Black III. That means he would have to pay at least $6 million dollars in taxes on that money.  But is that fair?

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  1. This video that Tony Robbins made is good at explaining the national debt, deficit spending and what effect taxing the rich could have:

  2. pop says:

    Let him pay it. What’s stopping him?

  3. John says:

    He wants all the other rich people to pay it. If Will Smith paid higher taxes the U.S would have an extra 2-3 million. If all the rich people paid higher taxes the U.S would have an extra 300 billion. Of course Will Smith has something to gain. His popularity is based on average folks liking him, so he benefits from supporting this. If your just some anonymous rich guy who made his fortune from banking you have no incentive to pay more taxes. So its pretty unfair if someone says that just b/c Will Smith wants to raise taxes on the rich it means we should. Will Smith only is one person out of the 100,000 rich people in this country.

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