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Serena Williams Shares Her Best Style Tips

Serena Williams reveals she’s just like many women who may watch her give her all while on the tennis court. She has body issues when it comes to finding the right fit—and it’s not for reasons you may think! The Wimbledon Championship player’s boobs give her the most hassle.

“My problem comes in the bust area,” said Williams. “[Blazers and tops] will fit my shoulders, but they won’t fit my bust. You can belt and get things tailored, but who wants to go through the trouble of that.”

So, how does she remedy that battle? Serena simply designs her own clothes when she can’t find what she wants.

The talented tennis player and designer, who have sworn off love for the next ten years, gives us the latest on all things fashion from her perspective:

Dressing for her body type: I look for things that are really great for curves. I have a really small waist, so I like high-waisted pieces. And I love tank tops.

Maintaining her hair: It’s hard. If you just embrace your natural curl and rock that, I think that’s the best way to style it when working out.

Must-Have Beauty Product: Right now it is actually eyeliner, which I actually just got into like four days ago. I think eyeliner is cool because you can jazz up your eyes and it helps to distract from other areas on the face that you may not feel comfortable with.

On her nails: OPI is coming out with some brand new gels that set in 30 seconds and I’ve been playing around with the set at home. I love Samoan Sand. It’s really good for the season. For summer, I’m obviously really, really into brights. I’m excited about the Spider-Man nail polish collection and I love the red.

Getting Bikini Body Ready: All you really have to do is a great 30-minute run or walk to get in shape for bikini season. Sometimes it’s hard because you don’t have the time, but it’s tough and you have to get it in. I focus on the core because as a tennis player you have to run, move and get balls. Lifting my own body weight is something I’ve recently started doing, too.

Which tidbit are you taking from Serena?

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