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Hate Groups Continue to Grow, Fueled By Economy and Obama

Race relations in America are in a state of crisis, and recent reports suggest that things are getting worse. The negative language and teachings of hate groups have somehow managed to sneak into politics, which can be seen by the ignorance constantly spewed at President Obama.

In its spring report, the Southern Poverty Law Center chronicles the growth of hate group over the past three years since Obama’s election. The law center counted the existence of 1,018 hate groups in the U.S. in 2011.

“The radical right grew explosively in 2011, the third such dramatic expansion in as many years,” the report stated. “The growth was fueled by superheated fears generated by economic dislocation, a proliferation of demonizing conspiracy theories, the changing racial makeup of America, and the prospect of four more years under a black president who many on the far right view as an enemy to their country.”

The report also references the “Patriot” movement, which are conspiracy-minded groups that see the federal government as their primary enemy. Such a movement has allowed several to hide their hatred behind a false political agenda.

One of those people was J.T. Ready, the white supremacist and alleged shooter in the death of four Latino-Americans in Arizona. Ready founded a vigilante border patrol and backed putting a minefield between the U.S.-Mexico border.


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