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Fantasia Gets Apology from North Carolina church

Apparently R&B star Fantasia is so controversial that she makes news for not doing something wrong. An employee of The Harvest Family Church in Charlotte, North Carolina, went onto Twitter this week to issue an apology to Fantasia and her manager.

The employee, Matthew Herman, said he would “like to offer my most sincere and humble apology to Brian Dickens, BD Management and to Fantasia.”

Apparently Herman back in March went public with news that Fantasia had taken a check for $15,000 to appear at the church, but never showed up. But in this recent tweet, Herman was eating every single word he blasted onto Twitter in March.

“… neither  Brian Dickens or BD Management cancelled a scheduled
appearance by Fantasia as she was never scheduled to appear. Neither Brian Dickens or BD Management were ever paid by or took any money at any time from Harvest Family Church. Any statements by me suggesting that a $15,000.00 check was taken by Brian Dickens or BD Management simply is not true.”

It’s probably safe to say Fantasia won’t be appearing at The Harvest Family Church any time in the near future.


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