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Alicia Keys’ Smile: Get Your Teeth Whiter

It’s difficult not to take note of Alicia Keys’ affectionate, warm smile. The Grammy award winning singer, songwriter is seen most times captivating fans with her wide, gleaming smile whether performing before substantial crowds or hand-in-hand with husband music producer Swizz Beatz.

The talented piano player’s teeth are as aligned as the keys she stroke, but more importantly her teeth are impeccably white. Not the unbelievable white-turning-blue office visit finish, but a whiteness that seems to be a byproduct of proper dental care and perhaps some nonabrasive whitening at-home techniques.

Having a white smile is just as important as dental hygiene because dingy teeth are a certifiable way to get others to become distracted. You want what you have to say to take precedence, not stained teeth. The mother-of-one along with America’s Next Top Model producer Tyra Banks, “There’s Something About Mary” actress Cameron Diaz, and mogul Queen Latifah, who recently agreed to headline a Lesbian And Gay Pride Festival all understand the importance of healthy, bright smiles.

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