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Linda Evangelista Slams Rumors Of $47k/Month Child Support Request

Linda Evangelista faced off with her ex, luxury conglomerate owner Francois-Henri Pinault on Thursday and Friday as they battled out their child Augustin’s support. Reportedly Linda and her attorney William Beslow are requesting a record $46K/month in support. Pinault’s family, worth an estimated $14 billion, owns the luxury group PPR which owns, amongst others, Gucci and Yves St. Laurent.

Francios and Linda only dated a few months before she became pregnant, he wanted her to get an abortion, she refused. Months later Salma Hayek is married to Francois and expecting the couple’s first child. Hayek’s daughter Valentina is also five years old but her lifestyle varies significantly from Augie. According to Beslow Valentina takes “$52,000-plus 12-day vacation to Bora Bora, spends weekends at the Mr. Pinault family’s country estate near Paris, has bodyguards at times to shield her from paparazzi, and has a $12 million Los Angeles home in a trust for her in the event he splits with her mother.”

Linda is requesting equal treatment for their son. In 2007 when paternity was established Francois’ attorney David Aronson sent an offer to her attorney but received no response until 2010.

“The way I work,” he said to the judge, “Is that I make an offer and if someone doesn’t respond, I think the answer is no. That no money was needed for the care of Augie. That was my understanding.”

Yikes! What happened to the desire to know your child and provide a safe, stable and comparable lifestyle to yours?

Things have changed for the former supermodel who may have had little trouble providing for her son on her $1.5 million/year earnings. However her endorsements have dwindled and she’s missing opportunities over court cases. Surely $46k/month for bodyguards, nannies and the like will cover that. Beslow insists that number is “inaccurate” while also adding the real number is “substantial.”

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