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Kelis Violates Custody Agreement With Nas and It’s Going to Cost Her

Nas ans Kelis taken from:

The custody battle continues between famed rappers Nas and Kelis.  This time Nas has accused Kelis of violating their custody agreement by keeping their son during Passover.

According to TMZ, Kelis decided to keep their son Knight the weekend of the Jewish holiday because she claimed he wanted to stay with her. However, the couple agreed legally to allow Knight to spend it with Nas. This isn’t the first time the female rapper has altered the custody agreement.

Nas said that on one occasion when he went to pick up his son Kelis yelled at him and refused to let him see Knight. On another occasion, she prevented the rapper from picking up his son from school.

Nas is asking for $22,000 in legal fees that he’s acquired for taking her back to court for violating the custody agreement. Kelis will likely be penalized by the judge also.

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