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Nas and Kelis Custody Battle Takes a Surprising Turn

Nas and Kelis taken from

Rapper Nas and Kelis have been in a bitter custody battle. Now it seems the attention has turned to their lawyers.

According to TMZ, Kelis said that Nas attorney called her attorney out of his name several times. Apparently, Nas attorney called Kelis attorney Navid Moshtael a “fattie” and a “d*ck.” Moshtael said he isn’t new to name calling, but to hear it from an “experienced attorney” is definitely a first. Moshtael said for an attorney to talk that way on record during a deposition is uncommon.

The “Bossy” rapper said that stopping the deposition to trash talk may have cost Nas quite a bit. She and her team are not open to a redo.

Back in January at the beginning of the custody battle, it appeared they were coming to a new agreement. Things changed in recent weeks as Kelis has requested an increase in child support.

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