Whitney Houston's Troubled Past With Ray-J, Bobby Brown Reexamined

Whitney Houston’s final days are detailed in an in depth Vanity Fair article. In the story Mark Seal talks to Houston’s hairdresser, ‘Sparkle’ director, video vixen and author Karrine Steffans and many others. It appeared that Whitney was entangled in a series of bad relationships from  her professional to intimate. On a professional note voice coach Gary Catona said this,

“Every time her voice would improve, I would stop working with her, and she would go off and do something—a concert or a tour. [Her handlers’] intentions were not malicious; I just think they made some fundamental miscalculations. She was the most devoted student I ever had.”

There were struggles on a personal front between her young and often rumored boyfriend Ray-J and her ex-husband Bobby Brown. Steffans recalled Ray-J calling her home where Brown was staying at the time to beat his chest about his conquests,

“He said, ‘Is Bob still staying with you?’ I said, ‘Yeah, he’s right here.’ And Ray said, ‘Tell him I f*cked both of his chicks, you and now his wife.’”

Sad. While staying with Karrine, Bobby revealed what he told the world yesterday about Whitney’s drug use,

“Bob’s big thing was everyone blamed him for her downfall, but when he met her she was already using drugs. He always felt very angry about that. He told me, ‘What everybody saw wasn’t the real Whitney.’

In the end and perhaps years from now all these things will fall by the waist side and only The Voice remains.

‘Sparkle’ director Salim Akil puts it best,

“Nobody is going to be able to say anything more profound than what Whitney says herself on that screen. There’s a line in the movie where she says, ‘Hasn’t my life been enough of a cautionary tale?’ All the questions that you ask people as you do this story, I feel she answers in this movie.… The answer is: ‘All the good things, all the beautiful things, that you ever thought about me are true.’ Her performance is consistent with the gifts that she gave us consistently. Isn’t that enough?”

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