Jessica Simpson Outspends Beyonce On Delivery Room Expense – Photos

Jessica Simpson is already drawing comparisons to Beyonce Knowles and it’s not only because they both gave birth to baby girls this year. Simpson welcomed her first, Maxwell Drew Johnson yesterday morning. While welcoming a new life is more precious than gold the comparisons are purely economical. How much did Jessica spend on her maternity suite and how much will Maxwell be worth in comparison to Beyonce’s baby Blue Ivy Carter. Yes, we know it’s silly – but this is Hollywood and Beyonce and Jay-Z patented their daughter’s name because of it.

First up, the maternity suite. According to TMZ Jessica delivered her baby in a roomy 3-bedroom, 2-bath private suite at Cedars Sinai hospital. The cost? $3,784 a day compared to $3,200 reportedly spent by Bey for a 4-bedroom suite. See photos of the delivery room below.

According to Jo Piazza at Fox News Jessica’s fashion/retail brand already brings in nearly $1 billion a year, her baby could add to the bottom line if she makes the right calls. Like adding “mom-friendly products to her line—that means diaper bags, maternity-wear and baby blankets”.

Lorie Levine of Flying Television added the new phenom of celebrity mommies or mama-preneurs who capitalize on their special moments is only growing. “Once people have babies it puts them in a totally different category. It starts when they get engaged and then they become a mommy and then they have the family. Now we will see the Jessica Simpson collection can go into kids things and baby things. Being a mom is her new platform.”

It’s unclear how Beyonce plans to use her patent or if she simply wanted to block others from profiting from her baby’s name but we’re sure Maxwell Drew will be up for the challenge.

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