Online Dating Horror Story: Black Men Who Prefer The 'Other' Race

Last night I came across a very hilarious yet unsettling story on a beauty blog,, by the writer who recalled an online dating experience. Tia Williams, a successful author of several beauty books, a longtime beauty blogger and recent divorcee who also happens to be a black woman from DC had a disastrous experience.

Meet the candidate, a young 31-year old radiologist from Ghana by way of London, sharply dressed man. Let’s cut to the chase and read Tia’s snippet of the interaction,

Tia, bored: So how long have you been on blankety blank site?
Dr. Dandy: Awhile, but I have to admit something.
Tia: (you’re gay) What?
Dr. Dandy: You’re the first brown woman I’ve asked out in years.
Tia: How odd. Why?
Dr. Dandy: I have in profile that I really only want to date girls outside my race.
[Note: I barely read his profile. I saw “Yale” and “radiologist,” and jumped. I’m not proud of this.]
Tia: Sooo…what do you think I am?
Dr. Dandy: I figured you were mixed, so I thought I’d give you a chance (huge belly laugh).
Tia: Nope, regular black girl. From DC, no less. Black black black. My middle name is Aisha.
Dr. Dandy: I guess my radar is off, hardyhardyhar (another guffaw)!
I’m totally grossed out, swishing a straw around in my Orangina and formulating an exit line.
Dr. Dandy: How old are you, may I ask?
Tia, adding on four years to bother him: Forty. You?
Dr. Dandy: Forty? Hrmph. I’m thirty-one.
Tia: Oh, you’re a baby.
Wait for it…
Dr. Dandy: Don’t call me a baby. I’m a grown ass man. Don’t ever call me a baby.

Interracial dating in America is on the raise and it’s really nothing new. But why take a staunch position AGAINST dating someone of your own race? Last night on LaLa’s Full Court she was adamant about proving her trainer wrong that black women are adventurous – this was one his many reasons for not dating black women.

Are you offended by people who choose to strictly date outside of their race?

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