Kanye West Caught With His Pants Down – Photos!

Kanye West suffered a terrible wardrobe malfunction when he was photographed with his pants down moments after stepping out of his Mercedes Maybach. West and his yet-confirmed girlfriend Kim Kardashian enjoyed dinner at N62 restaurant in New York City on Friday night. The new couple were heading to Kanye’s Manhattan apartment when the bizarre malfunction took place.

From one photo it appears that West stepped out with his leather trousers intact and they came loose as he walked behind Kim. Leather pants even for men are not known to be loose so it makes you wonder if someone was having an early dessert in the back of the Maybach. *wink, wink*. Of course they are adults who have every right to please each other as they see fit but hopefully next time Kanye will have more decency to zip up and button back up before exiting the car! And if that was not the case just pull his pants up altogether!!

See more photos of Kanye West with his pants down in NYC.

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