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Pregnant Yandy Smith Gushes Over Baby Boy And His Father

Pregnant Love and Hip Hop star Yandy Smith who confirmed her pregnancy earlier this month is showing off her baby bump as she glows in a semi-nude photo. The reality TV star, manager and entrepreneur has not released the name of her child’s father – many are very curious to know – however she does share some notes about him and of course her baby boy! Check out some excerpts from her recent interview for her bestie’s website,

What are you anticipating the most about motherhood?
Yandy: I’m really excited to hold this baby. I can’t wait to see what all these kicks in my belly look like on the outside. I can’t wait to kiss him, smell him, play with his toes, sing him to sleep. And honestly I’ve spent so many years taking care of artist now I can take care of something that is all mine (well me and daddy’s).

A baby boy is such a joy. What do you imagine him to be like?
Yandy: I hope he’s just like his dad with some of me mixed in there. Smart, confident, caring, compassionate, a leader and want to see what the combination of us looks like.

Do you have a name yet?
Yandy: Not yet. It has to be just perfect. And dad and I haven’t found a name that gives us the warm and fuzzy feeling we’re looking for.

Will he make his appearance on LAHH next season?
Yandy: If I make an appearance my son will as well. No one will be able to separate me from that lil boy for a while.

You are about to witness the greatest love of all. In one word please tell me how you want your child to describe you?
Yandy: My Everything

What is the one thing that you will instill in your son the most?
Yandy: To have a respect and love for God.

As a new mother, what worries you the most?
Yandy: Lol! Everything. Balancing work with being a mommy, will I be able to breast feed, will I be a good mom, will he get sick, will I always be able to provide for him, what child care will be best, what school will he attend, who will he date…you name it. I’m nervous about it. Lol

Hopefully new mom Yandy will be free of all the messy arguments that took place last season since she will be totting her no-doubt adorable son on set.

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