Lady Gaga Arrives For New Tour In South Korea Amid Protest

UPDATE-The life of Lady Gaga is filled with ups and downs. The hugely popular pop singer arrived in Seoul, S. Korea a week before she kicks off her ‘Born This Way Ball Global Tour.’ Perhaps too much time to feel the brunt of a brewing protest of hundreds of Christian Seoul residents who are against the singer advocating homosexuality and pornography.

On the other hand Gaga can celebrate 10 Billboard award nominations only sitting behind Adele and tied with Rihanna and Lil Wayne. That celebration however is short lived as Lady Gaga faces backlash from some of her 23 million Twitter followers.

Gearing up for her world tour the 26-year old tweeted, “Just killed back to back spin classes. Eating a salad dreaming of a cheeseburger #PopSingersDontEat #IwasBornThisWay.”

Say what?! The entire tweet was a walking contradiction and her fans and critics were ready to pounce!

“I was on the verge of becoming bulimic and now I just might because of YOU. #PopSingersDontEat.”

Critics added that Gaga is being “hypocritical” and “disingenuous.”

In an update it was revealed that the singer’s concert was originally slated for a 12 and up audience but has since been amended to 18 and up. According to the Washington Times,

“South Koreans younger than 18 have been banned from the concert after it was rated unsuitable for younger audiences. The show had an initial age rating of 12 and older, but the Korea Media Rating Board — a state watchdog — adjusted it upward.”

A week in the life of Lady Gaga.

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