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Kanye West 'Way Too Cold' Music Video Parody Goes Viral

Kanye West‘s latest track ‘Way Too Cold’ previously called ‘Theraflu’ has received the child treatment. A ‘young’ Kanye is seen reenacting the song – which by the way does not have an official video – in the streets of New York complete with an adult blonde white girl on his arms.

The video, directed by Ashley Smith also known as ‘Ash Innovator’ has strange cameos by actors wearing masks of Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Condoleezza Rice and even Ronald Reagan.

The young actor Caleb Harper is mouthing the lyrics to the explicit version which already has people up in alms. On the one hand it appears bizarre on the other it can be compared to children acting in Pg-13 and up films.

You were warned it is the explicit version. Check it out below – wonder if Kanye will respond?

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