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Rihanna Suffers Nipple Slip, Rejected For Whitney Houston Role

Rihanna is too sexy and raunchy for Whitney Houston‘s mother. The ‘Rude Boy’ singer who performed a set at Coachella 2012 embodies all things Cissy Houston reportedly disliked about her daughter’s life. Sex talk, partying and drinking. Most recently Rihanna released more sexy pictures from her vacation in Hawaii – two of which captured a nipple slip, others with her drinking, sunbathing and generally enjoying her young life.

It’s unlikely that Rihanna sees an issue with her personal lifestyle clashing with her film roles. Just two weeks ago she expressed interest in taking on the role as ‘The Voice’.

“I didn’t get that call yet. That would be something that I would have to give my entire life to do because I would want to really pull it off. That’s a huge, huge role and whoever does it has to do a good job.”

Cissy doesn’t think that person will be Rihanna, “Over my dead body!” reported the source before adding, “Cissy believes Rihanna celebrates everything she hated about Whitney’s life the drugging, the boozing, the abusive relationship.”

Perhaps Rihanna can draw from those experiences and really knock it out the park! While that’s up for debate check out pictures of Rihanna at Coachella and her Hawaii photos below!

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