Casper Smart Ruins Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez Reconciliation

Casper Smart can be blamed for Jennifer Lopez and her seven year marriage to Marc Anthony not getting a second chance. Marc and J Lo announced their shocking separation last June after what many thought was a stable and loving marriage. Months and a few interviews later Jennifer revealed she was unfulfilled in her marriage. Rumors swirled of infidelity but Marc’s controlling ways is allegedly to blame.

In comes then 24-year old backup dancer Casper Smart to recharge Jennifer with new life. Many thought the romance was a rebound and would be short-lived. Six months later and Casper and Jennifer are still going strong, so strong in fact that JLO turned away Marc’s offer to work things out. Reportedly the American Idol judge told her soon-to-be ex husband that she’s in love with Casper and has moved on. Ouch.

Marc filed for divorce on April 9th, days later. Marc and Jennifer have two children together twins Max and Emme. Should we expect a JLo and Casper Smart wedding on the horizon?

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