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New Hi-Res Photos Of The Dark Knight Rises

It’s been very quiet for the The Dark Knight Rises lately, however some new hi-res photos surfaced in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly. In the Hi-Res photos, there are some never before seen pictures of the Batman costume, Catwoman’s leather tights, Bane, Lucius Fox, Bruce Wayne, and even Selina Kyle and John Blake .

Director Christopher Nolan, who also directed the first two Batman reboot movies and the blockbuster hit Inception, just recently showed the film to Warner Bros. studio executives.

The Dark Knight Rises will follow the 2008 billion-dollar grossing movie The Dark Knight Returns. Most of the cast has returned from the last movie, such as Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman. New actors joining the cast include Joseph Gordon-Livitt, Anne Hathaway, Marion Cotillard, and Tom Hard as top villain Bane.

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters and IMAX theaters July 20th world-wide.

Flip through the pictures below and witness the awesomeness.

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